Toy gun evacuates county courthouse |

Toy gun evacuates county courthouse

" Sun News Service

The Nevada County Courthouse in Nevada City was evacuated Wednesday morning after a toy gun initially thought to be real was spotted in a handbag at the front-door electronic checkpoint.

Assistant Court Executive Officer Michael Glisson said the child’s cap gun, placed in a woman’s purse by her son, was discovered by a security guard on the screen of an X-ray machine.

By the time the gun was spotted, the woman, who later said she did not know the small cap gun was in her purse, had picked up her belongings and went into the courthouse for a mediation.

The security guard radioed to the court officers that a gun had been spotted, and the entire courthouse was evacuated for 30 minutes using the building’s eight exits.

More than 100 people milled about in front of the building while sheriff’s deputies ” who thought the gun was real ” searched for the three people they thought might have been carrying it.

After 30 minutes, the deputies found the toy gun in the woman’s purse and re-opened the courthouse.