Truckee 2000’s notable quotes |

Truckee 2000’s notable quotes

Everyone’s got something to say, and in Truckee, sometimes they have even more to say than most people.

The Sierra Sun has compiled a list of notable quotes as printed in the Sun by Truckee folk in the year 2000:

“Water is a health issue. Quit blaming Truckee. It’s your responsibility to provide us safe, clean water. I want a water filter I can buy. And if I’m paying for water, I want you to provide water for us to drink, not a spigot where I can obtain water I can’t drink.”

-Janet Brady, a Donner Lake resident and health official, to Bob Fortino, Donner Lake Water Co. president. (July 13)

“First off, it’s scary to read that notice. It says things like you can’t wash your vegetables without boiling water first. And it’s a lot of work boiling water, waiting for it to cool. I have a five-gallon container that I transfer the boiled water into. Luckily I’m one who cooks so I own a lot of pots.”

-Janet Whalen, Donner Lake resident on the boil water notice. (July 20)

“And I thought the Three Stooges had passed away. Not so, say I! They’re running for the Tahoe Truckee Airport District board.”

-Al Turner of Carnelian Bay in a letter to the editor during the 2000 local elections. (October)

“We’re in the airport business, not the land use business.”

-Ken Foster, Truckee Tahoe Airport District board president on possible lawsuit filed by Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency. (Oct. 12)

“I just like putting smiles on people’s faces. I’m a real hit, especially with the kids and the elderly folks.”

-Sweet Pryor, construction crew flagger, also known as the “break dancing flagger.”

(July 20)

“We are a powder keg. It’s ready to burn now. Yet, we are still seeing people dump their barbecues out before they are extinguished.”

-California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Capt. Dean Lavonian, on the fire season of 2000. (Aug. 10)

“To do this journey to the top of the mountain is to set aside the pressures and stresses of daily life and focus on the mountain and the inspiration that that gives me.”

-Laurie Martin, a Truckee-Tahoe Mt. Fuji climber, on the Breast Cancer Fund’s 2000 expedition to the summit of Japan’s Mt. Fuji. (Aug. 31)

“It means that I’m a big girl.”

-Johanna Tadman, 4, on what it’s like to be a kindergartner. (Aug. 31)

“We’re thinking people are taking their money and running. They’re finding they can live cheaper somewhere else. That’s concerning us a little bit because this could be a long-term trend.”

-Monty Folsom, Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District director of business services, on dropping school enrollment. (Sept. 7)

“At mile 33 knee pain kicked in. From mile 40-55 I almost dropped, imagining that I might be doing permanent damage. Eventually I stopped and iced my knee.”

-Allison Kreutzen, ultramarathon runner, after finishing fourth among women and 32nd overall in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in June. (June 29)

“I ate snow and screamed.”

-Sara Norville, Bay area skier who was lost for two days after leaving Sugar Bowl’s boundaries. (March 9)

“At first I thought a jet or an airplane had crashed or something, so I looked out the window to see if something had crashed.”

-Lee Tarnay, Tahoe Donner resident, on the series of small earthquakes that shook Truckee in December. (Dec. 7)

“I’m 74, that’s why I’m mounting this sucker. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch another one this big.”

-Alfred Bonturi, of Hollister, on the 34-pound mackinaw he caught in Donner Lake in June. (June 29)

“Anybody that has Truckee in their hearts was there.”

-Maia Schneider, former Truckee Mayor, on the Town Portrait 2000. (Sept. 21)

“Times have changed in the ski game. Most people want glitz and glitter … Now it’s about MBAs and high tech. I’d call it entertainment -people go home, they go out for dinner and see a movie.”

-Norm Sayler, Donner Ski Ranch owner, on the demise of small, family-owned ski areas. (Nov. 30)

“I am a little nervous and fearful of Reno. It’s not like in Truckee where it’s much safer.”

-Aurelio Nunez, former “Dot’s House” tenant, who was evicted when the house was condemned and forced to move with her children to Reno because she couldn’t afford a home

in Truckee. (Oct. 12)

“The thing about this town is there is never a shortage of material.”

-Steve Coniglio, one of Truckee’s talents, on his new, official title as Town Bard. (Dec. 14)

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