Truckee dentist develops BiteFX Splint |

Truckee dentist develops BiteFX Splint

Dr. Donald Reid rolls out a new development, the BiteFX Splint, offering professional in person and online education for its use.
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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — A Truckee dentist who developed software animations to help patients understand the effects of bad bite has taken a big second step — the launch of a finely crafted dental appliance to help solve the problem.

Dr. Donald Reid of Tahoe Dental Artistry says he’s marketing the newly developed dental appliance to dentists and their patients around the world.

But his initial focus is existing clients of BiteFX, the animation that helps dental patients understand why they’re having headaches or grinding their teeth.

The animation software was developed by a partnership of Reid and Doug Brown, a software animation developer who runs Dyanamic Thought LLC in Truckee.

The BiteFX animation explains the complexities of bad bite — in dental terms, “occlusion” — in a way that patients can understand, and dentists around the country have been signing up in droves for the service that’s priced at $100 to $197 a month.

But even though the animation allowed dentists to better explain the problems of bad bite, Reid wasn’t satisfied with the appliances that most folks know as a “night guard” that’s worn by patients with occlusion problems.

Among professionals, a “night guard” is known as a “bite splint,” and Reid decided to design his own as the result of his dissatisfaction with other products.

It’s harder than it looks.

Each bite splint is created individually to fit teeth and mouth structure of an individual patient, a process that takes careful measurements as well as accurate impressions.

Reid initially used a loupe — a small magnification device sort of like the eyepiece used by jewelers — to see small details. Now he’s using an operating room microscope.

Precise digital manufacturing of each splint is undertaken at nSequence Center for Advanced Dentistry in Reno.

The center provides professional training for dentists along with operation of a high-end dental laboratory, and Reid teaches classes in reconstructive dentistry and other professional subjects at the center.

Daniel Llop, the founder of nSequence, worked closely with Reid for about a year to get the manufacturing right and conduct tests with patients before Reid began marketing the BiteFX Splint.

As Reid rolls out the BiteFX Splint, he says professional education — either through Webinars or in first-person sessions at nSequence and other professional settings — will be critical to the launch of the product.

That’s because dentists will need to carefully follow precise procedures to make sure the BiteFX splint is effective for their patients.

Tahoe Dental Artistry is located at 10330 Donner Pass Road in Truckee. Call 530-587-9560 or visit

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