Truckee Donner PUD: Bender, Aguera, Hillstrom win spots |

Truckee Donner PUD: Bender, Aguera, Hillstrom win spots

Ryan Slabaugh
Sierra Sun

TRUCKEE ” Local voter Rolf Godon did not get everyone he voted for to win the Truckee Donner Public Utility District race. But one, Jeff Bender, joined Joseph Aguera and John Hillstrom as winners of seats on the PUD board.

“Jeff has been very active in campaigning and has worked very hard at it,” Godon said. “He’s an engineer and has the training and is oriented toward energy conservation and green energy.”

Hillstrom and Aguera earned spots with a strong push late Tuesday.

“I guess I’m just thrilled, grateful and almost surprised with the field of candidates that I’m ending up where I am,” Hillstrom said.

Bill Thomason finished a close fourth.

Voter Stephen Birch of Truckee voted for Aguera.

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“Aguera has been here for ever and he’s an all-around good guy,” Birch said.

Completed Precincts: 1 of 13

JEFF BENDER, 1,372, 20.7%

JOSEPH R. AGUERA, 965, 14.5%

JOHN B. HILLSTROM, 962, 14.5%

BILL THOMASON, 902, 13.6%

TONY LALIOTIS, 796, 12.0%

BOB JOHNSTON, 732, 11.0%

DAN WARREN, 491, 7.4%

G. NEAL MOCK, 418, 6.3%