Truckee gains in census: Town grows 56.7 percent in population |

Truckee gains in census: Town grows 56.7 percent in population

Truckee is a growing town. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing towns around.

Population growth rates in Truckee surpassed growth rates in both North Lake Tahoe and Nevada County, according to recently released figures from the United States 2000 Census.

Truckee’s population increased 56.7 percent in the last 10 years, from 8,848 in 1990 to 13,864 in 2000.

The population in Tahoe Vista increased 45.8 percent, from 1,144 to 1,668. Kings Beach grew by 44.4 percent, from 2,796 to 4,037 and the population in Tahoe City increased by only 7.1 percent, from 1,643 to 1,761.

Truckee’s 1990 population was originally estimated at 3,484, but was revised after town incorporation in 1993. Following incorporation, town boundaries expanded. The 1990 census was recalculated in 1994 to a total of 8,848 and included new census tracts to more accurately approximate the town’s new boundaries. That 1994 figure is what’s compared to the 2000 census to estimate growth.

“We did the same thing to estimate Truckee’s population for the General Plan,” said Tony Lashbrook, Truckee’s community development director. “We got 8,912 people, a difference of 64, but we can live with that.”

The Census 2000 figures are higher than predictions made by the California Department of Finance, which estimated Truckee’s population on Jan. 1, 2000 at 12,900.

Lashbrook suggested the near 1,000-person difference could be from an under-counted 1990 census or an increase in the number of people who claimed Truckee as their permanent residence.

“The California Department of Finance shows the number or people per household shrunk by .09, maybe that didn’t happen and that’s why the number is lower,” Lashbrook added.

Of Truckee’s ethnic makeup, most are white, but approximately 1,773 or 12.8 percent are Latino or Hispanic.

About 34 percent of Nevada County’s Latino or Hispanic population live in Truckee, which is the largest Spanish-speaking community in the county, according to a report published in Tuesday’s Grass Valley Union.

Overall, Nevada County’s population grew 17.2 percent, from 78,510 people in 1990 to 92,033 in 2000. Nevada County’s growth ranked 26th among the state’s 58 counties.

The face of Nevada County government is also likely to change due to the census (see additional story, page 10A).

“Redistricting Nevada County will happen in the near future,” said Barbara Green, the Nevada County 5th District Supervisor. The district will likely shrink since Truckee’s growth rate exceeded the rate in the rest of the county.

“Nevada County’s population must be divided evenly among the five supervisor districts,” Green added. Currently the 5th district makes up 62 percent of land mass in the county.

Future releases by the U.S. Census will include demographic information that the Town of Truckee will use to update its General Plan.

“Income levels and the percentage of monthly income allocated for rent are two demographic statistics that we will be interested in because they are indicators of the fiscal health of the community,” Lashbrook said.

According to the General Plan, Truckee’s population by the year 2015 will be 17,253. Build-out population is predicted to be 22,500.

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