Truckee holds workshops to discuss Railyard, Riverfront projects |

Truckee holds workshops to discuss Railyard, Riverfront projects

Scott Hess

The Town of Truckee wants to develop two sites – the Railyard and the Riverfront, both near Historic Downtown – and will be conducting workshops over the next one to two years. The first in the series or workshops will be held Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.

At the workshop, which will be a collaboration of the town council, planning commission and the public, the town hopes to inform the three groups about the projects and develop ideas of what direction it will take with the projects.

Railyard Master Plan

A plot of more than 30 acres of open field near state Route 267, Glenshire Drive and East River street, Truckee’s General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan both call for development in the area.

It is planned for 100 housing units, 155,000 square feet of commercial mixed use, 75,000 square feet of institutional uses and 250 lodging units.

One factor that will complicate development is the project site contains the railroad “balloon track,” which is used to turn around snow plows.

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According to the town, Truckee obtained a $350,000 state Sustainable Communities Grant Program grant to develop a master plan for the site.

With the grant, the town hopes to asses railroad operational alternatives, conduct a site analysis, address Trout Creek issues (the creek crosses the property) and conduct traffic and noise analyses.

Riverfront Development Project

The Town of Truckee is using the Downtown Specific Plan to redevelop the Truckee River corridor. The preliminary plans call for mixed use, including housing, lodging, open space, trails and parkways.

The town estimates the project – which runs along the Truckee River near downtown – would cost approximately $115,000. The funds would go toward infrastructure assessment, a site analysis, environmental characterization and clean-up strategies, a plan to relocate non-conforming riverfront industrial uses to conforming locations and traffic, noise and market analyses.

Public comments

Denny Dickinson, who called himself a “concerned citizen,” said the Railyard site was supposed to be a temporary spot, but it has not changed in 10 years.

“[The town] never asked me what I thought,” said Dickinson, whose house lies near the project area. He added, “Forty of my neighbors went to the city hall to get this project moved.”

Currently there has been little to no public inclusion Dickinson said, which hopes to gain from the workshop.

Truckee Town Hall is located at 10183 Truckee Airport Road, off state Route 267. For more information about the Railyard or Riverfront projects, visit