Truckee is a terrific close-knit community |

Truckee is a terrific close-knit community

I would like to comment on Rebecca Swinneyand#8217;s letter in the Friday, Feb. 26, edition of the Sierra Sun.

I am sorry you have had some bad experiences in our town. It can be difficult moving to a new area, especially a small close-knit community like Truckee. Give it some more time, then perhaps you will fall in love with it like so many of us who have put our roots down.

Truckee is an absolutely incredible place to live. Certainly the location, recreation and the weather are big draws, but mostly it is because of the people. We have an abundance of philanthropic groups, professions of all kinds, great schools, outstanding recreation center, a college and so much more, all supported by the people of Truckee.

Truckee IS a tourist town and#8212; we cater to others; that is how we make our living. The locals here will bend over backward for you, no matter who you are. These are the nicest, friendliest, caring and generous people you will ever encounter.

So stay around for awhile, we would love to have you!

Ginny Pomroy

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