Truckee looks for input on signs |

Truckee looks for input on signs

Sun staff reports

The Town of Truckee is looking for input on signs around town.

In the first in a number of study sessions for the town’s development code update tonight, town staff will be surveying the planning commission and any members of the public in attendance about potential chances to sign guidelines.

People will be asked to rank signs visually, said Town Planner Duane Hall, as part of a series of questions about the town’s sign policies.

The survey will include responses to images as well as written questions, according to staff reports.

The planning commission will then consider the feedback from the public, and that information could be used to change existing sign standards and guidelines as a part of the development code update.

Also on tonight’s agenda will be a discussion of live/work standards in town.

The meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in at Truckee Town Hall.