Truckee merchants continue to make progress |

Truckee merchants continue to make progress

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

TRUCKEE ” The Truckee Downtown Merchants Association is progressing toward a new, more inclusive model.

After a shake up that resulted in new leadership ” Dean Schaecher as president ” in January, the merchants association said it wants to include a wider expanse of businesses, including parts of downtown beyond Commercial Row. Four committees have been formed on the Main Street Program model.

“We are trying to be more democratic, more open, and more transparent,” Schaecher said.

Membership, which reset to basically zero when the group reorganized in January, has been steadily climbing, with businesses from all over downtown, Schaecher said.

And with the new group up and running, Schaecher said goals like partnering with the town and promoting downtown’s history are first on the list.

“The town is realigning Donner Pass Road in Brickelltown to improve parking and walkability,” Schaecher said. “So we are giving them a member from Brickelltown to coordinate with that insight, so we have a place at the table.”

He said the association will also go to the town within a month to ask for matching funding for Main Street programs.

“Some people may look at Truckee giving downtown money as selective,” Schaecher said. “My reply would be having a vibrant downtown helps Truckee as a whole, even with something as simple as property values.”

A new historic walking map is also in the works, to promote tourism downtown.

Truckee Thursdays will be back this summer as well, Schaecher said.

Funding intensive items, like hiring an executive director, are farther away, he said.