Truckee Pilates introduces instructor Anne Brake |

Truckee Pilates introduces instructor Anne Brake

Truckee Pilates is proud to have Anne Brake on board as an instructor of movement. Brake has practiced Pilates for many years and had the opportunity to work with Joseph Pilates himself in New York years ago. Brake’s wonderful ability to hone in on details helps people take apart a movement until they can successfully do it. It is freeing and empowering to overcome resistances and let go of tension to create new patterns of movement that are healthy for the whole body.

It is worth the time and effort (which is minimal compared to other types of exercise) to feel and see the results.

Here is a comment from an out-of-town student:

“Great meeting you ” and you gotta call me! Later after we got home I felt a ‘strong’ sensation in my upper torso. So I got on the floor – and just felt really strong ” and did the full body roll up from a flat back position KEEPING MY LEGS TOTALLY STRAIGHT! Now this is easy for a guru like you- but I’ve never been able to do this – in spite of years of effort. So I’m really psyched and amazed at what you allowed me to do. Would love to discuss.”

” K.E.

Welcome to our team Anne!

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Truckee Pilates has all the props (exercise balls, foam rollers, stretch bands) and work-out clothing available for purchase. There are gift certificates available, too. An introductory pack makes a wonderful gift for someone who has been wanting to try Pilates but just hasn’t made it in yet.

Or join Truckee Pilates for an Open House/Holiday celebration on Thursday Dec. 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 11890 Donner Pass Road, Suite 3. There will be snacks, wine, beer, and a look at what goes on in the studio with the equipment, instructors and techniques. Everyone is welcome. Call 584-1717 for information, or visit