Truckee Pride Shines |

Truckee Pride Shines

Brody Dwyer cheers on the Truckee Wolverines Football team through ups and downs throughout the season.

I have had the honor of living with just a few of the people who have dedicated their high school career to playing football. In that time I have witnessed first hand the joy and the celebration that comes with a win, and the tears and heartbreak that follow a loss. I have also witnessed the amount of heart that goes into a football game, and that is what makes Truckee so great on the football field.

From the cheerleaders bombarding people with candy, to a vein popping out of the coach’s forehead as he screams something across the field, to two of the players jumping in the air and giving each other a high five in celebration of a good play, to a receiver snapping his fingers and slapping his leg when a pass slips right through his hands, to a mother or father clapping and cheering on their son. Through all of the drama of the game, win or lose, Truckee pride still shines through, and for the Truckee High football players, coaches and cheerleaders, it always will. There is just something about playing football for Truckee.

I didn’t realize that until this year’s state championship. After the game my older brother walked to the field and wrapped his arms around my little brother, their heads touching. I could barely see my older brother’s lips moving as he whispered something to my little brother through his face mask. It was like that for most of the people who were witness to that night, I even got my chance a little bit later. Yet another reason Truckee is so great on the football field, love and support from friends and family!

I did not allow myself the opportunity to play Truckee football. I gave up on my athletic ability years ago, so I stick with painting myself red (I was going to do it this year but thought it might have been bad luck, so I didn’t do it, suppose I should have.) So I left football up to my brothers, all four of them, and I think they have done a great job! So here is to you T.J, Travis, C.J., and of course you Cory (who still has two more years). As we all know, a player on a team is only as good as the team players, so here is to you, Ben B., Ryan R., Jordan D., Ryan M., Justin V., Cory S., Vince S., Flynn R., Mitch N., Mike F., Kevin D., Luis A., Robert R., Uriel M., Orlando S., Ryan C., Colin C., Anthony C-S., Morgan N., Jackson W., Gustavo R., Alex C., Vance B., Ryan Z., Trevor H., Chris G., Dylan C., Shane F., Kyle M., Alec S., Tanner K., Bob W., Marshall L., Tony R., and Joe S. Sure hope I didn’t forget anyone. I got the names out of the State program, if I did just know you are included. You all have a lot of talent and even more heart.

I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure being able to watch you guys play over the years and share the joy and excitement of a win, and the sadness and tears of a loss. Unfortunately, Truckee traveled to Las Vegas and was unable to come up with a “W” at state ” this is not news. Fortunately the friends and family of the players and coaches were there to share yet another life experience and even in that big city smog help keep Truckee pride shining bright as ever.

Stay strong, be smart, and never lose that Truckee pride. And best of luck in the future Wolverines.

” Brody Dwyer, Truckee

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