Truckee probation sting nets 6 arrests |

Truckee probation sting nets 6 arrests

Andrew Cristancho
Sierra Sun

A police dragnet targeting Truckee probationers led to six arrests Wednesday evening.

Truckee Police, in cooperation with the Nevada County Sheriff’s and Probation Offices, made 15 probation searches, according to a press release from Truckee Police Lt. Harwood Mitchell.

“[Probation searches] are conducted to ensure that folks on probation are doing what they are supposed to be doing,” said Lt. Mitchell.

Four of the six men arrested were suspected of violating their probation at the time of the searches. Police said Michael Ruth, 23, and Joshua Stratford, 29, allegedly tested positive for illegal drug use and Isidro Comenero, 27, allegedly violated a no-alcohol provision. Matt Lyons, 22, was suspected of violating a no-association-with-a-minor provision. All four live in Truckee.

According to Nevada County’s Chief Probation Officer Doug Carver, two non-probationers were also arrested in the multi-agency sweep. One man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and another for allegedly possessing more than an ounce of marijuana. Another man was cited during one of the searches for alleged possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

“Typical probation terms include being subject to search and seizure at any time, no alcohol or drugs, testing for alcohol and drugs, no weapons, and any other specified terms dictated by the courts,” said Lt. Harwood in the press release.

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Carver said the men were transported to the county jail in Nevada City. Carver said some of the men may soon be released after a violation of probation hearing, which is usually scheduled within two court days of the arrest date.

Carver said probation searches are conducted randomly and intermittently every few months to increase the element of surprise and “aid in the efficiency of the search.”