Truckee Town Council assumes duties of redevelopment successor agency |

Truckee Town Council assumes duties of redevelopment successor agency

Jenell SchwabSierra Sun

TRUCKEE, Calif. andamp;#8212; In response to one of Gov. Jerry Brownandamp;#8217;s controversial budget-cut measures, Truckee Town Council will assume the duties of a successor agency responsible for managing the funds, debts and assets remaining in the townandamp;#8217;s redevelopment agency fund.Across the state, civic entities are in an administrative tailspin as they struggle to navigate the legal and clerical processes of dissolving local redevelopment agencies.While the state has prescribed a loose plan for dismantling these bodies, Town Attorney Dennis Crabb said the process is in constant flux.andamp;#8220;I am getting e-mails that say, andamp;#8216;Hereandamp;#8217;s the conversation that happened in the Capitol today. Weandamp;#8217;ll let you know if this means anything tomorrow,andamp;#8217;andamp;#8221; Crabb told council members at last Thursdayandamp;#8217;s board meeting.Redevelopment advocates are attempting to extend the deadline of Feb. 1 for RDAs to dissolve, officials said at the meeting, but so far the governor has been unsympathetic to the cause.For now, the town will proceed as if Feb. 1 is a solid deadline. The first course of action for the successor agency, officials said, will be to appoint an oversight committee composed of community members.That committee will review current redevelopment projects in Truckee and decide which programs will be supported through to completion and which will be left unfunded.Decisions made by the oversight committee would then be audited by Nevada County this summer, and further reviews will be conducted by the state controller, officials said, who may have the option of recalling already-distributed funds.The townandamp;#8217;s redevelopment agency coffers contain approximately $3.5 million of unearmarked capital funds, along with $1.7 million set aside for affordable housing projects and another $6.5 million designated for other projects.Some of the projects currently funded through RDA funds include the West River Street redevelopment, Brickelltown Streetscape Improvement Project and Trout Creek restoration.Others include the First-Time Home Buyers Down Payment Assistance Program, Historic Preservation Financial Assistance Program, Small Business Loan Program, Downtown Streetscape Improvement Loan Program and the Downtown Economic Development Program.andamp;#8212; Kevin MacMillan contributed to this report.

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