Truckee woman films video, creates character to bring environmental awareness

Sara Jackson / Special to the Sun
A screen grab from a Jessica Robinson video.
Provided/Jessica Robinson

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Real life superheroes do exist. They don’t necessarily have to dash into burning buildings, rid our streets of crime, or heal the sick or injured.

Jessica Jane Robinson, who moved to Truckee last year, created her super heroine character, Resilience Birthright, as a means to bring awareness to climate change, through zero waste and sustainability to the people in her community by using her platform as Miss Alameda.  

While Miss Alameda, she founded the program “Miss Alameda Says Compost! Since then, Robinson has been a zero waste practitioner, and an active and influential environmental leader in the Bay Area for over a decade. 

Her already impressive resume goes on to include serving as vice president of the Northern California Recycling Association from 2013-2016. Since 2012, Robinson said she has been an Al Gore Climate Leader, and is in the top 1% out of 10,812 climate leaders around the world.  

So how does someone who has a degree in performing arts and social justice become an environmental super heroine?       

“I think I really started to get engaged in college,” Robinson said. “When I had to write independent papers, I found myself gravitating towards humanitarian and environmental issues. And then when I started pursuing my professional career, I started going into acting and modeling, and then I came across the opportunity to participate in the Miss Alameda U.S.A. Pageant. I wanted my platform to be meaningful to me. I got advisory support from former advisors of Alameda mayors. They helped me develop my thoughts and my passion, and consolidated it towards the environment that had to do with Alameda.  

Resilience Birthright
Provided/Jessica Robinson

“Alameda was partially built on landfill, and so that directed me more towards greenhouse gases, waste reduction,” Robinson added. “When I came across my mentor, who is the president of Zero Waste U.S.A, and we started a program that says ‘Miss Alameda Says Compost.’ That was really the initial thing that got me into zero waste and sustainability. I’ve always gravitated towards the environment, towards the health of our environment.”

To further her cause, Robinson developed a graphic novel starring the heroine, Resilience Birthright. Resilience is a character that inspires her readers to become environmental warriors and saviors by devoting their time in reducing climate change, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources.  

Resilience Birthright Saga Season 1 is a 13-chapter story, written by Robinson, that tells the story of Resilience, an evolusarian from planet Terravitae, but was raised on Earth as an earthling. Her goal in life is to thwart her nemesis, Apophis’ plans of destroying the planet she loves so much. The stories that follow are based on real life heroes working to heal our planet by addressing real environmental challenges that we are faced with today.

“In 2014, I started to write my first season,” Robinsons said. “I was waking up every morning at 4 and writing between 4:30 and 8 a.m. I would read whatever I wrote that day to my grandmother in the evening and she would be like, ‘Wow! That’s great. What’s next?’ And I’d be like, ‘I don’t know. See you tomorrow.’”

A screen grab from a Jessica Robinson video.
Provided/Jessica Robinson

Robinson says Truckee is a place that has always stimulated her imagination with its beauty and serenity. By the summer of 2021, Robinson had become restless due to the pandemic and needed a creative outlet. What resulted is the production and release of her latest music video, “Love is the Cure.”  

Robinson and a small crew shot the music video outdoors on a quiet trail located at Palisades Tahoe on Shirley Canyon Trailhead, at the Olympics Valley Stables. Fueled by creativity, Robinson and her crew also filmed a web episode for her ongoing graphic novel series, “Origins of Resilience” at the stables that same weekend.

When not acting, writing or being a champion for the environment, Robinson dresses up as Resilience Birthright to visit schools and give talks on how the younger generation can grow up to be earth warriors and what they can do to fight climate change, pollution and all other manner of issues affecting our environment.  

To help Robinson further her cause, visit her website Robinson says that chapters two and three of her novel series Resilience Birthright will either be available fall/winter of this year, if not, early spring of 2023.  

Fans can purchase her book on her website. In the future, she will be working to get her books into local stores in California and Reno. 

The cover of Jessica’s Robinsons book, Resilience Birthright: Origins of Resilience

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