TTUSD to lay off a handful of classified employees |

TTUSD to lay off a handful of classified employees

Renee Shadforth

Employees in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District been able to breathe a collective sigh of relief – layoffs haven’t been as common as they will be in California districts.

At tonight’s school board meeting the trustees will likely decide to lay off a few classified employees, but all in all it could be a lot worse, say labor union representatives.

“Not to degrade the employees who will be laid off, but we’re very fortunate in our district because many school districts (in California) are dealing with many, many layoffs,” said Barbara York, the California School Employees Association representative for the district.

The layoffs will include two bilingual instructional aides because of a 6 percent reduction in Title I funding to the school district. District administrators offered one of the aides another job in the school district and the other will volunteer until funds become available, said Jo Wilson, assistant superintendent of personnel.

The district will lose an administrative secretary from Rideout, which the district closed this year due to declining enrollment on the Lake Tahoe side of the district.

Also, the Truckee State Preschool bus chaperone won’t appear on the district’s payroll this year because preschool will hire someone for the position.

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One item amid the layoffs on the consent agenda – a reduction in hours for a custodian at Rideout – may not be decided tonight, Wilson said.

“(It will be pulled) because of the unknown with Prosser Creek (Charter School). We have to wait and see until all of that clears up,” Wilson said.

The school district has set a tentative plan for Prosser Creek to move to Rideout if its charter is revoked. Then the custodian’s services may be needed full time.

Laid off employees will be added to a list for 39 months and have the right to any open position they are qualified for in the district, Wilson said.

Tahoe Truckee’s lack of layoffs can be chalked up to, in part, the district’s parcel tax. The $80 per parcel per year adds an extra $2.6 million to the district budget. One-half of 1 percent of California school districts have a parcel tax.

The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District board meeting will be today at 7 p.m. in the district boardroom at 11839 Donner Pass Road.