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Tumbleweed’s promise of 61 marijuana strains about to light up Frisco, Colorado

Eli Pace

The Tumbleweed marijuana dispensary in Frisco is nearing completion of a months-long renovation after buying out Herbal Bliss earlier this year. A grand opening is expected around Labor Day for the pot shop that promises having at least 61 strains in every store.

The old-timey chain of Colorado marijuana dispensaries that garnered national attention for opening the country’s first drive-thru pot shop is eyeing completion of a large-scale renovation at its newest location in Frisco.

Once complete, the redo will effectively triple the amount of space for its sales floor, and closely mirror what customers see at the other six Tumbleweed dispensaries across the High Country, according to CEO Mark Smith.

Tumbleweed bought out Herbal Bliss at 842 N. Summit Blvd. in Frisco, near Walmart and Safeway, earlier this year. Since then, everything but a sliver of interior space toward the front of the store has been blocked off.

Still, Tumbleweed has remained open throughout the months-long redo, selling marijuana, edibles, waxes and all the other products commonly associated with pot shops as most of the work takes place out of sight.

When someone goes into the Frisco store, if he or she is familiar with any of the other Tumbleweed locations, Smith said, that person will immediately know they are shopping at a Tumbleweed location.

“The concept here is we create a look, an aura or a feel that harkens back to the West,” he said as he highlighted Tumbleweed’s thick countertops made from reclaimed barn wood, the metal drop ceilings and old-timey, pioneer-style décor that accents his stores.