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V-ballers go the distance in Fernley

A trip to Fernley nearly became more than the Truckee High School girls’ varsity volleyball team bargained for on Tuesday night against Fernley High School.

In the first match Fernley caught the Wolverines off guard with an ace to start the match off. Truckee went right to work setting up good offensive plays, but Fernley came up with tough digs to keep the ball in play until it could find a hole in Truckee’s defense.

Truckee got a side-out when Fernley spiked into the net. But the Wolverines were caught off guard again and were forced to turn over the serving privileges.

The Fernley Vaqueros caught Truckee off guard over and over again as the Wolverines watched the ball find holes in their defense and fall to the floor.

Fernley’s offense proved to be its own worst enemy as it gave Truckee an easy side out by serving out of bounds.

The Wolverines looked surprised with Fernley’s ability to dig the ball and even more surprised to find the Vaqueros up 8-3.

Junior Kelly Tierney was able to get the first offensive lead side-out for the Wolverines. The next play Tierney caught the Fernley defense sleeping with a set-style tip.

Truckee started to heat up and the players began to look alive. Senior Julie Hill had a number of hard-hit spikes that were unable to find their way to the floor due to the Vaquero defense.

Finally Hill stepped up and sent a spike directly to the floor to bring Truckee within three points, 10-7.

Senior Melissa Gadsby was able to get on a roll serving and added an ace to put the Wolverines on top 11-10. Hill added another kill to increase Truckee’s lead. Gadsby, still serving, added another ace to bring the score to 13-10 Truckee.

With Fernley serving junior Katie Malone came up with a big dig in just enough time for Hill to add another spike and gain the side-out.

Truckee began to run with the lead after a spike from the back row by senior Amber Harder and a big stuff by Malone. The Wolverines led 16-11 and they were awake at last.

Fernley was unable to put together an offensive play and the Truckee defense no longer contained the giant holes the Vaqueros had become so fond of.

Junior Jesse Lamm and senior Tarah MacDonald each added a kill to put the Wolverines up 21-12. Junior Mariel Lecuyer showed consistent serving to lead the Wolverine rally.

Fernley found a side-out, but Lamm put up a spike to bring the ball back to Truckee.

The match ended with the Wolverines winning 25-17

The second match Fernley committed several errors to allow Truckee to jump out in front 4-1.

Senior Jacqueline Diaz had a great spike that found the back line of the court for a point and a side-out.

Side-outs went back and forth between the two teams until Gadsby found a huge hole with a spike to put the Wolverines up 7-4.

Harder found an ace with a jump serve to add to Truckee’s lead. After three Harder serves Fernley found a hole in Truckee’s defense to gain the side-out. Fernley again proved to be its own worst enemy as it racked up the points for Truckee by making simple mistakes. Fernley seemed more inept to return and dig solid hard-hit spikes than simple bumps as Diaz proved when she scored a point and gained the side-out by simply bumping the ball to Fernley’s defense.

Lecuyer led another fine serving spree and Harder added a kill to put the Wolverines up 21-9.

Out of nowhere Fernley tried to mount and ugly unorganized comeback as Truckee slipped to allow Fernley five unanswered points. Harder eventually put a kill in Fernley’s rally and gained the side-out, 22-14.

Junior Alisa Garrison came up with a big block to add a Truckee point and ended the game with a nice kill to make the final score 25-15.

In the third match Truckee fell behind early and Fernley lead 9-4. The Wolverines slowed in their reaction time and Fernley capitalized.

Fernley kept consistent with the prior matches and continued to make mistakes, but Truckee was unable to get its offense rolling.

Besides an ace by Gadsby, Truckee’s serving struggled. The Wolverine’s confidence turned to frustration and this frustration led to mistakes. Fernley continued to lead the game 20-11.

Senior Lisa Tassone managed to get a kill for the side-out, but Truckee continued to struggle with its serving. Unable to get a rally going the Wolverines fell 25-21.

In the fourth game junior Kelly Murphy came up with some big kills. Truckee had a rough time getting things going, but so did Fernley. The game stayed close until the end when Fernley was up 24-22. Murphy came up with one of the biggest kills of the game to get the side-out, but was unable to get her next serve in bounds and Fernley won 25-23. Serving was the downfall of the Wolverines in this game.

In the fifth and final game Gadsby started off strong with two aces. Diaz and Murphy came up with more big kills and Harder added a tip to tie the game at 3-3. Harder and Gadsby had good plays were they were able to find nice holes in the defense. In the end Truckee walked away winning the match 15-11 and the game three matches to two.

“They were lacking personal discipline,” said head coach Maggie Shane. “They just looked really flat. They played down to their level when the need to work on controlling the tempo,” she added.

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