Vicki Kahn: Bar of America a favorite haunt for party goers |

Vicki Kahn: Bar of America a favorite haunt for party goers

Patti Florian, left, and Sara Owens had fun at the Bar of America.

If ever there was a Halloween when everyone needed to experience a little fun and escapism, it was this year.

Those in the festive spirit last Friday evening congregated at the Bar of America on Truckee’s Commercial Row in some very creative costumes. Many danced to the music of “Drinking with Clowns.” Several locals were spotted in the jammed bar including Ruth and Breeze Cross, Ira Cross with girlfriend Lydia Almas, Patti and Ron Florian, Sara and Ted Owens, Larry Heifetz, Sally Carey, Deborah and Larry Young, Mike Sabarese, Maia Schneider, Fred Blakey, Ruth Anne Kocour and Bob Hall, Cassandra Sharp, Cherise Griffith, Josh Saturn (he won the contest for best costume), Pipo Ramirez, Elda Nunez, Luis Gomez, Allonndra Plascencia, Franco Gordonova, Gabby Semilla, Jeff Havorka, Justin Stout, Krissy Gilbert, and Melissa Machold.

Medicare birthday

When Tahoe Donner resident and physician Chuck Zipkin’s big 65th birthday was coming up, wife Janet decided it was time to throw a party. About 40 friends gathered at the Zipkin’s Tahoe Donner abode for a cocktail party last Sunday evening commemorating the milestone birthday. Tasty hors d’oeuvres were passed as guests mingled and sipped wine. Toward the end of the party the birthday was celebrated with a decadent chocolate cake and lots of good wishes!

Helping Chuck celebrate his big birthday were Carolyn and Jeff Bonzon, Charlayne and Nigel Allan, Laura and Dr. Ed Heneveld, Elizabeth and John Eaton, Drs. Daphne Palmer and Larry Heifetz, Lorna and Paul Leyton, Margaret Lewicki and Ernie Grossman, Jan and Dr. Rick Ganong, Susan and Jim Ritchie, Val and Joe Sutter, Sharilyn and Chris Nelson, Randy Hill, Nancy Davis and Bob Yoder, Claire and Bob Miller, Susan and Michael Dorwart, Gayle and Gordon Pelton, Bette and Butch Rohrback, Bob Salz, and Meredith Walkington.

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