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Volunteer Corner: Deanna Weskamp Sunnergren

Amy Edgett/Sierra Sun

Deanna Weskamp Sunnergren grew up with volunteerism. She spent toddler years at the Treasure Chest, a second-hand store organized by her mother, Rose Weskamp with several friends to help support Truckee’s KidZone museum. “Deanna was in from the start. She would help the customers locate items ” she knew where everything was,” said Rose Weskamp. At Deanna’s sixth birthday party, she requested guests bring blankets and stuffed toys for the animals at the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe. The Sierra Sun’s Amy Edgett caught up with the dynamic Deanna Weskamp Sunnergren at Glenshire Elementary School.

What gave you the idea to donate to the Humane Society?

Two of my friends are saving animals. Megan tried to save pandas, and Paige tried to save whales and dolphins. Well, this last year Mom’s friend Randy who has a farm has lots of cats, so I decided to save dogs and cats. I got one of the babies, one with less hair, for Christmas.

And how did you help?

I asked my friends to bring blankets for the animals to my birthday party. You know the Humane Society just lowered the age to volunteer to 8, I am going to volunteer there when I am 8. I’m almost 7, my birthday is April 9, I’m 6 right now.

How did you know the animals needed help?

I didn’t know, I just wanted to help. I saw adoptions on a poster, and I met Homer [a dog] and then I didn’t see him on the poster any more and I knew he got adopted. A yellow tag means he was not good for families, then if they move to a green tag, they are ready to be adopted. The Humane Society works with the dogs until they are ready to move in with a family.

I understand you also cut your hair for charity.

I saw a little girl on TV who was bald, from chemo, so I cut 16 inches off, it’s already growing back, it used to not touch my shoulders.

What will you do with the hair?

Oh, it will be made into wigs for children who have no hair. My Dad had chemo too, that’s probably where I got the idea. I also lost two teeth.

How does it feel to volunteer?

Great. Besides, that’s what we do when we bridge from Daisies to Brownies, and you pick your badges, you can choose all in the family, animals or write away.

Any other projects for you?

Box Tops. If you get enough Box Tops for Education you get free hot chocolate for your class and t helps the schools. You can find them at the store on popcorn, Rice Krispies, baking items, on cans. You have to be really careful getting them off the cans.

What would you like our readers to know about volunteering?

That they can do the same as me, help recycling, in Daisy Scouts we picked up around the school, there was lots of litter. It’s a shame people still litter. And if you have any blankets you don’t use any more, just call the Humane Society.

” Want to give to the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe? Call Erin at 587-0667.

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