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Volunteer Corner: Ember Montana

Alex Close/Sierra SunEmber Montana

Name: Ember Montana

Age: 13

Organization: Ember’s Kitty Cat Rescue, inside Agate Bay Animal Hospital

Residence: Kings Beach

Tell us about your cat rescue. Ember’s Kitty Cat Rescue is a nonprofit organization trying to help cats get homes. It started because I’ve wanted a cat rescue. And when we bought the hospital we had room for it. So we built the cat rescue, cleaned it out and painted. We started with a litter of kittens, a few older ones and one pregnant cat.

Have you always liked cats? Yes, since I was little. I got my first cat when I was 3 or 4. Their names were Dewshire and Scouter. Dewshire was a little tabby and Scouter was a black cat with a little white spot on his chest.

What grade are you in school? I’m in eighth grade at Lake Tahoe School in Incline Village. My favorite thing to study, besides recess of course, would have to be English because I love to write fiction.

Do you like to write about cats? I write on the computer. I have a guild about cats. A guild is a bunch of people who get together and write about something they like, in this case, cats. But I’m trying to write a book about foxes.

How did you get started with the cat rescue? When I first got my cats, I got them from a shelter where my mom worked. I got to play with the cats at the shelter and thought that was really cool. And I’ve always liked cats and thought “Why not help save them?”

What else do you like to do? I’m a big fan of reading. You can’t really keep me away from books. That’s why I’m into the Warrior Series by Aaron Hunter about forest cats. There’s four clans of them and they live in the forest and fight for territory. It’s hard to explain.

What do you do with the rescue? First, you come in and clean up after them. Brush them, feed them, play with them. Make sure they have water. It’s not all that interesting. But you get to play with them.

Who is your favorite cat? I’d probably pick Zatarain. He’s really a sweet and home-y cat. Always up to cuddle. He looks kinda funny ’cause he’s got really small ears. I think he’s the sweetest one in there. I’m really surprised he doesn’t have a home yet.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to work with animals? I want to be a writer and intend to have several cats at my house. And a maid so I don’t have to do the litterbox.

The Sun’s Joanna Hartman interviewed Montana for “Volunteer Corner.” Please send your suggestions for “Volunteer Corner” to editor@sierrasun.com, subject Volunteer Corner. For more information on volunteer opportunities in the North Shore and Truckee communities, visit http://www.handsontahoe.org. Or for more information about Ember’s Kitty Cat Rescue check out the Web site link at http://www.tahoedog.net.

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