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Volunteer Corner: Santa Claus, Residence: Incline Village, North Pole, Organization: The Santa Claus Foundation

Amy Edgett/Sierra Sun

How old is the Santa Claus Foundation and what does it do?

About a year ago, to advocate for the 2 million children in the U.S. who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, institutionalized through no fault of their own.

Who initiated this?

I did. Being Santa and in the public eye, I thought about how to help the greatest number of children, using my [good] name and appearance as tools.

How do you facilitate such an all-encompassing mission statement?

I just completed Santa’s Bless the Children tour, visiting every governor’s staff in person and discussing a variety of issues, advocating for the children.

That’s a lot of miles.

Twenty-one thousand. This time I had to drive. I couldn’t do it in the sleigh, not enough snow. And the magic only works on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

What should readers remember this Christmas Eve?

Being a priest of the Apostles Anglican Church and a monk in the order of the Anam Cara, I believe that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, not the crass secular spectacle it has become and that love is the greatest gift ” not presents.

You emanate love.

Love is the major ingredient in the spirit of Santa Claus, loving, giving, and being good humored.

Are you good humored enough to allow a beard check?

(It’s real). The minute a child’s hand goes up to test the beard, I guide it with mine to let them touch it, gently.

What brought you to the Great Outdoor Clothing Company this evening?

It’s a nice opportunity to get out the word about the Santa Claus Foundation without the commercial aspect. There are so many nonprofits hurting right now, it’s also nice to see the media covering this occasion. I want to thank Blooms and Zooms and Tahoe TV, and yourself.

Give us an example of your most recent works.

Most recently, I was over in Washington, D.C., in particular education legislators about childhood obesity. I am coming out with the Santa diet, a complete diet for physical, emotional and spiritual health. The Lake Tahoe Wellness Center is involved.

Tell me the philosophy behind the diet.

Having balance in life. If one of those areas suffers, it’s almost like juggling, all three will suffer.

How may people help the Santa Claus foundation?

Visit the Web site, http://www.thesantaclausfoundation.org or send support to The Santa Claus Foundation, P.O. Box 5592, Incline Village, NV 89450.

You have a very busy schedule with lots of other responsibilities. Why do you do this?

I do it because the children can’t fend for themselves and the children deserve it.

Do you have a special message or the children?

Merry Christmas, blessings, and know that you are always loved.

“The Sierra Sun’s Amy Edgett caught up with Santa Claus at the Great Outdoor Clothing Company in Downtown Truckee last Friday. If you have suggestions for the Volunteer Corner, send them to aedgett@sierrasun.com. for volunteer opportunities, visit handsontahoe.org.