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Wake up: There’s nasty stuff in your food

Henry Kliebenstein
For the Health of It

I am standing in the kitchen one morning waiting for my toast to pop out of my toaster and decided to read the ingredients on the bread bag. Now I don’t know if many of you bake your own bread but we’re talking flour, water, yeast, and a small amount of sugar to activate the yeast for a basic recipe, and maybe a handful of nuts and seeds if you’re making a whole grain. So why am I reading things like high fructose corn syrup, calcium sulfate, triticale, monoglycerides, ascorbic acid, and azodicarbonamide? A simple rule to follow is “If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it.”

What are we eating and what is it doing to our health? Have you ever given any real thought about where the cancers are coming from. Do you think people a 150 years ago had to deal with this terminal disease? Have you ever thought about why that is? Back then all of the baked goods were made from scratch at home. The fruits and vegetables were grown in the garden, and the eggs and chickens along with a cow or pig were raised on your property.

Fresh is hard to come by now that the world has grown so large and everything must be shipped great distances so they are putting nasty things in our food to make it all last longer. We all need to wake up and realize that the FDA doesn’t care one bit about our health and well being, so it’s up to us to take control of what we put in our bodies.

If you remember a few months back I wrote about how important it is to eat organic, staying away from the harmful pesticides that are sprayed regularly on fruits and veggies. Well, the next step to take is to start baking your own products at home. It’s really quite simple to do and not very time consuming. Yes it is more convenient to open a bag of bread when you want, but is your health or possibly your life worth the time saved? The only time consuming factor is letting your dough rise, which takes about two hours or so, other than that the rest is cake” or bread, actually!

The first step is to pick a good bread book. Look for something that gives you the solid basic recipes as well as all the fancy breads. One that I can recommend is the Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger. This easy to follow book is filled with 300 of her favorite recipes, consisting of traditional breads, whole grains, dinner rolls, sweet breads, not to mention a great sour dough starter. How does a slice of toasted Whole-Wheat Irish Herb Bread with blackberry fruit spread and a cup of tea sound first think in the morning?

Don’t think you have to be a pastry chef to bake bread. Play around with it and if your first few loaves don’t turn out right throw them outside and the birds will love you for it; they loved me for a while! Once you figure how to get the dough the correct consistency by kneading you will be making bread that your family will love you for.

Keep in mind you loaves will only stay fresh for one or two days since they are preservative-free. Since most recipes make two loaves at a time you can eat one and freeze one to eat at a later date. Have fun making a mess in the kitchen, and remember especially in these hot summer days stay hydrated!

Henry Kliebenstein is an International Sports Sciences Association certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Therapist, and Specialist in Performance Nutrition, training in his private studio in Truckee, and can be reached by calling 587-3886 or by e-mail at fitness007@msn.com.

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