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Who is the ultimate Truckee ski/snowboard bum?

The Sierra Sun is looking for the ultimate Truckee ski/snowboard bum. Maybe it’s you, or someone you know. Check out the list of criteria below and tell us about your nominee. Please include a detailed description of why your nominee deserves the title of Ultimate Truckee Ski/Snowboard Bum and contact information for your nominee. The candidates will be reviewed by our panel of “experts” and the “winner” will appear in a future edition of the Sierra Sun and will receive a free lift ticket to Northstar-at-Tahoe.If you are a true Truckee ski/snowboard bum, many of the following statements will be true of you:

• You have a job that either lets you take powder days off, or you are willing to quit your job on the spot for 18 inches of fresh snow with six percent water content.• You own a car with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer and at least one fairly important part is held on by duct tape and/or bailing wire. Extra points if your ski/snowboard setup is worth more than your car.• On a powder day you skip shoveling/snowblowing your driveway and go ski or ride, hoping that one of your neighbors will take pity on you and get rid of the berm in front of your driveway before you get back.• You would turn your back on a hot Brazilian liftee walking down the street to check out the sidecut on a new pair of K2s or the new Burton deck in the window of a local shop.

• You’ve ever used the “green pass” to get a ticket to a local resort. • You have woken up at 4 a.m. to catch the very first chair at your favorite resort on a powder day. You oppose violence, but would throttle anyone who tried to cut in front of you that day.• You have seriously considered marrying a local resort employee for no other reason than to get a free season pass.• You have no idea how the metric system works, but you have an instinctive understanding of phrases such as “The new Lines have 130 underfoot,” or “It was such an epic day I brought out my 177.”

• Your dog is named after your favorite mountain range.• You hold multiple degrees from prestigious universities but choose to wait tables for $8 per hour because you can work in the evening.• You use phrases like “shred the gnar,” “huck yer meat,” and “freshies” on a daily basis.• You have pushed your significant other out of the way to get first tracks on a fresh line.

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