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10 secrets for an engaging social media contest (pt. 2)

Milena Regos

Welcome back! We’re picking up our series from two weeks ago where we began the discussion of what might have went wrong on social media contests that lacked engagement.

We presented an outline of priorities that can serve as a blue print for future social media contests. If you stay on target with these, you will stay honed in to your goals and organized with your content.

So let’s continue — how can you avoid the common pitfalls of social media contests and optimize your own to get the results you’re looking for?

6. Make it easy for people to enter and share. When you use a third party platform, you get a built in sharing mechanism that allows people to share your contest with their friends on Facebook. People can also share it on Twitter and any other social network. You can even encourage people to share it with their friends for bonus entries! Whatever mechanisms you decide to use, just make sure you keep it simple.

7. Make sure your contest is mobile optimized. Seventy-one percent of people use mobile to access social media (Source: Adobe). Most third party contest providers will have a mobile optimized URL that you can use to share your social media contest. The last thing you need is to create a contest that only 29 percent of the online population can access.

8. Drive traffic to it from other social networks and email newsletters. Coming up with a promotional plan for your social media contest is critical in making sure it’s executed properly. Create your plan ahead of time on how you are going to get the word out about the contest. Start building up interest a few weeks/days in advance with your audience and use social networks as well as your other marketing channels to get people excited. Include your contest on your website, in your email marketing, and on site if you have a brick and mortar place.

9. Support your contest with some paid advertising on social media. You can use Facebook ads to target your fans, friends of fans, target people in your email newsletter or people who visit the website. I consider Facebook advertising to be one of the most targeted online buying you can currently do and when done well, it can be very successful. Include an advertising budget with your contest to make sure you get the most of it.

10. Look at the results. A final recap of the contest will be the last step you will do. You would want to know how many people you reached, how many people engaged, how many email addresses you collected, how many downloads, etc. Make sure you tie in your results back to your main goal. Review the campaign and decide if it was worthwhile the effort. If it wasn’t, what lessons did you learn and what needs to be changed in the future?

Milena Regos is principal and founder of Out & About Marketing, an Incline Village-based digital marketing and social media consulting firm. She can be reached for comment at milena@outandaboutmarketing.com. This article first appeared on http://www.outandaboutmarketing.com.