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21st Century Shamanism | Live the life you want

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunDr. Jeffre TallTrees presented information about realizing your personal potential through 21st century shamanism.

KINGS BEACH, Calif. and#8212; Jeffre TallTrees, Ph. D., is a former Bay Area psychologist who shifted her studies to energy medicine, shamanism and holistic health to deal gracefully with the art of being human. TallTrees presented at Rainbow Doorways in Kings Beach Saturday advancing the 1 and 1/2 year Inka Medicine Wheel training, a process which teaches you to dream consciously, to dream the world you want into being.

There are four sessions, each designed to correlate to the four cardinal directions. The informational session began with honoring each direction, praising the powers therein, noting many cultures have used the directions as a foundation for spirituality.

With the shake of a rattle and blast of cologne-scented breath, TallTrees honored the south: The way of the snake, a journey of personal healing where the shaman sheds her skin and transforms her wounds. Next, a turn toward the jaguar, or way of the west, to drop family karma, release blame from parents, to honor your ancestors and yourself. Another turn and rattle shake and we face the north, the way of the hummingbird, to learn the ways of the ancient one, or Laika, and access the wisdom of the mountain. Facing the east, we travel the path of the condor or eagle, the way of the visionary. This is the direction of dreams and access to the wisdom of the stars.

Each medicine wheel course is a several-day session. The first, The Serpent Way of the South will be held March 22. As a visionary, the shaman shifts her perceptions. and#8220;Most people don’t understand how powerful our belief system is,and#8221; said TallTrees. Be prepared to cleanse negative imprints in your luminous energy field, whether they have manifested from trauma, abuse, fear or repetitive belief.

and#8220;The shaman is the caretaker of the garden, with the principal of balance, of give and take. She is no longer trapped by her story, but sees life is circular: She steps out of time and tastes infinity,and#8221; said TallTrees.

Contact TallTrees at 530-587-1333 or e-mail Jeffre@SacredRainbowMesa.com if you are interested in traveling the way of the shaman. The Medicine Wheel course is a Four Winds Society approved course, founded by psychologist and medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo, visit http://www.thefourwinds.com.

Rainbow Doorways, 8571 North Lake Blvd., Kings Beach is a shop of gemstones, crystals and healing gifts of illumination. The first shop opened in New Zealand almost six years ago. For class schedule and more information, visit http://www.rainbowdoorways.com or call 530-546-3335.

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