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A last fireworks show & more summer stuff

Norm and Alan NichollsNicholls Real Estate Group

A belated happy Fourth of July! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed it with close friends and relatives. If you didnt make a fireworks display, apparently it is not too late. Tonight there will be a fireworks show on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe near the West Shore Caf.

Three nights of fireworks at six different venues; where else but the North Tahoe-Truckee area would you find such a selection? Pack up your beach chairs and blankets and get out there!

Prior to the Truckee Donner Recreation & Park Departments Fourth of July celebrations at the West End Beach, Truckee used to celebrate the Fourth with the parade, followed by a big barbecue, games and festivities at Truckee Regional Park.In the late 1970s and early 80s the Truckee Optimist Club used to serve a deep pit barbecue, which featured meat that had been cooked for hours in a pit at Mike and Mary Harveys home on Kayhoe Court in Olympic Heights. The process would start about noon the day before with the digging of a big pit and the starting of a huge bonfire. I believe we used over a half a cord of oak to get the ample amount of coals for the cooking process. Other members of the club would marinate the huge chunks of meat (I believe it was beef, maybe pork), wrap them in cheese cloth, burlap, and then secured the bundles with wire.At about 8 p.m., when the coals were just right, we dropped in what I believe were willow branches, lowered the bundles of meat in, then covered the top of the pit with metal sheeting and frantically covered the sheeting with 4 to 6 inches of dirt. The key to the success of this process is to not allow any oxygen into the pit once the meat has been placed. If oxygen is allowed in the meat will incinerate.To ensure the air-tight integrity, club members were assigned to the all night fire watch.Our job was to watch for columns of smoke coming up through the dirt. We would immediately cover such leaks with dirt.It wasnt too difficult to get volunteers since there were always snacks, ice chests full of beer and a lot of camaraderie. I remember spending a few nights over the years with some Truckee oldies like Nels Stone, Don Smith, Dwayne Haddock, Bill and Mike Churchman, Glen Neff, Stan Walterschied, Tom Bennett, Jack Bayer, Ron Cooper, Russ Mann, Jim Duncan, the Harveys and others. A good time was had by all and the result was always scrumptious meat, not lumps of charcoal.

For years, the Fourth of July parade and festivities and the Truckee Rodeo were the main two summer events in the area. We now have events almost every week including, in Truckee, the Cannibal Cruise Vintage Car Show and Craft Faire, Kids Trout Derby, Donner Lake Triathlon, the Truckee Antique Show, Western Week, the Truckee Championship Rodeo, Truckee Renaissance Faire, and Truckee Railroad Days.At the Lake we have ARTour 2006, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor, the Lake Tahoe Music Festival at various venues, and the Concours DElegance. At Squaw Valley many events include the Art, Wine & Music Festival; Tevis Cup Horse Race; Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest; Alpen Wine Festival; Art Bark Fest; and the Village Oktoberfest. This is only a partial list, so never complain about having nothing to do!This weekend is the 16th annual Cannibal Cruise Vintage Car Show and Craft Faire at the Truckee Regional Park. This event has become one of Northern Californias most popular car shows and it is a lot of fun for participants and spectators alike. If you have never been, I encourage you to attend. Start off the weekend with a free Rock and Roll Party with music by Jimmie and the Jets at 7 p.m. on Friday evening. Check the newspaper for a complete list of the weekends events. Only a nominal parking charge will get you in. Enjoy seeing cars you might have owned or wished you owned.

When Alan and I began writing this column, it was published only in the Sierra Sun. Therefore the emphasis of the content had to do with Truckee. Now that the Sierra Sun encompasses the North Shore, well need to broaden our scope a bit and choose our words more carefully. We wish to apologize to any North Tahoeites, including Mr. Sweigert, that we may have offended by our last column. We feel somewhat vindicated, however, after receiving a call from longtime North Shore resident Pete Perata earlier this week. He actually called me from Hawaii to say how much he enjoyed our column; encouraged us to keep up the good work and said that the word resident is probably more politically correct than local. He has been in the area since 1953 and is still not sure of his local status. Thanks Pete.

Sun n Snow Sports was the name of the ski and sports store that Bill Palmer and his partner Tom McCready ran for a good number of years at the Donner Center in West Truckee. The Back Country bike and sports store is now located at that site. Gordy Kjer was our early bird winner with the correct answer being logged in at 11:58 a.m. Wednesday. He is awarded three chances to our drawing. Other winners included Carla Beebe, Sandy Watters, Rich Ouchida, Scherie Stilson, and Ann Platt all are awarded one chance. Thanks for playing.Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Road.

Twenty years ago give or take a few years a relatively new-formed group paid to have balloons placed above the Truckee River, east of town, to indicate the height and location of the future Truckee Bypass. What was/is the name of the group? Call us at 550-5035 or e-mail us at nnicholls@dicksonrealty.com with your answer.

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