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A windblown Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas is really just like a day at the office. You do all the work and the fat guy in the suit gets all the credit.

Last time I told you about Sherry Jewell’s brother Tony coming out here to visit her. Things didn’t really go that good for him. While he was here, someone broke into his house in Florida and cleaned out a lot of his things, he may not come back here again.

I also told you about Steve Corrigan quiting his job as they wanted him to move. I thought he was talking about moving to New Jersey, they wanted him to move to Japan for two years. He said he spends 10 weeks there a year and has no desire to live there. He’s just going to kick back for a year and then desire what he wants to do. He said the coons got under his house and ripped up all his heating pipes here, so he had to fix the house here anyway.

That was a nice article they had on Tom Meschery being elected to the writers hall of fame at UNR – His wife Joanne was elected to it in 1999. They still live here for those that don’t know them.

A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards. The clerk asks her what denomination, she says ‘have we come to this! Well give me 50 Catholic and 50 Baptist.’

My friend from Loyalton said she wants it known that the awning was not out when the wind blew it off. She does know better than that.

Rex Powell has been working over there putting in the cabinets for Kenny Osburn. It won’t be ready for awhile, so we are still stuck with Kenny.

Dave and Joanie Stackpole have returned from a nice vacation again. He is suppose to be working on their house so it will be like they want it. He has been doing that for a couple of years but the vacations keep getting in the way. You are going to have to do it sometime Dave.

Irene has been putting up the Christmas lights at Thanksgiving so the granddaughters can see them as they spend Christmas down there. This year she didn’t do it and some of the houses up here had theirs up, that did it, so the day after they left the tree and everything else got put up, all the Christmas presents got wrapped and put under the tree. That’s all the presents for everybody she says, yeah right, except for the things that would look so cute on this one or that one.

Since winter decided to show up and bring the wind, a lot of outside things have disappeared and will have to be put back up and not just Christmas lights. It’s been a long time since the wind has blown that hard, it’s OK with me if it doesn’t happen again.

If the three wise men had been three wise women, They’d have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought practical gifts.

Birthday time: Dec. 16: Christian Joseph Black; Dec. 18: Mark Moore, Donna Kohler and Bertha Haddock; Dec. 19: Bobbi Palmeri; Dec. 21: Mitchell Robert Ness; Dec. 22: Alan Harry; Dec. 23: Herbie Copeland; Dec. 24: Noella Allen Hetz; Dec. 25: Jennifer Keilhofer and Krissie Pribble; Dec. 26: Freida Miller, Duncan Reed and Stephanie Bosco; Dec, 27: Darlene Fredericks; Dec. 28 Duayne Hoddock and Becky Wallway; Dec, 31: Jeff Sparksworthy.

Anniversary time: Dec. 17: Chuck and Manuela Smith; Dec. 18: Buster and Jackie Porter; Dec. 22: Jim and Kathleen Eagan; Dec. 28: James and Marti Reedy; Dec. 29: Bob and Doc Tonini; Dec. 30: Russ and Joan Jones; Dec. 31: Peter and Debi Holzmeister

My granddaughter Kara, Joined a swim team this year and did so well that they let her swim in some events in a higher league. The school she goes to has a bunch of things for the kids to do so they won’t start getting into trouble.

I wish that the schools up here would spend some of the rathole money they have to fix up the ones that need it and build new ones to take care of the future kids they expect. It doesn’t do any good sitting there.

I sure do like to go downtown now that the bypass is here, with all the things going on, it hasn’t hurt business. We’ll see how good it is with the skiers when the schools are out. Don’t forget to take a d.d. along to the Christmas parties you go to, we don’t need anyone missing Christmas for any reason.

No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor.

Have a Merry Christmas and hope for a better New Year. Drive careful.

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