Across the Universe: We won’t stop publishing your opinion pieces (opinion) |

Across the Universe: We won’t stop publishing your opinion pieces (opinion)

Recently, we’ve published many opinion columns and letters to the editor online and in print regarding the state of national politics.

As has been the case across the country leading up to Election Day last November — and certainly more so after the election and since Donald Trump took office — it’s clear more people than ever before are taking advantage of local media, as well as the instant-publish nature of social media and the internet, to ensure their voices are heard.

So who’s to say Tahoe-Truckee shouldn’t have the same opportunity?

Well, it’s certainly not going to be us.

Over the weeks, we’ve received criticism of that decision on these pages and, to a much larger extent, via comments online and on the Sun-Bonanza’s Facebook page.

Each week, we publish opeds from both left- and right-leaning contributors, along with reader letters. And whether you like it or not, a majority of those opinions have been critical of people like Donald Trump and Tom McClintock and/or concerned with the Republican party.

While some have been in favor of the GOP, or critical of Democratic politicians and liberal voters, simply put, we’ve received more anti-Trump letters (for lack of a better description) than the other way around.

To be clear, this is not because we at the Sun-Bonanza are seeking certain opinions over others. Outside of our regular contributors who may lean one way or the other, we have no agenda to pick and choose which opinions are expressed on our pages.

Yet, we still are accused of pushing a left-leaning agenda — or, an anti-Trump agenda. While some people may perceive that to be the case, it’s simply not true. What is true is that, in most instances, if you submit to us an opinion letter, we will publish it.

If more people are anti-McClintock or anti-Trump, then so be it. If anything, it’s a tell-tale sign that the majority of Truckee-Tahoe residents and Sun-Bonanza readers are leaning one way versus the other.

As we explain to critical commenters online who accuse us of silencing the pro-Trump crowd — or for the lesser amount of you who show great displeasure when an opinion piece praises the GOP or Mr. Trump’s presidency — we as a media company see tremendous value in offering a public forum and an opportunity to practice free speech.

As I tell everyone, if you want to submit a letter, please email it to me, or call my cell (989-327-2231) if you want to talk. So long as the opinion is in good taste, we’ll run it.

What we won’t do is fold under the pressure of a vocal minority — especially those hiding behind a keyboard — just because they don’t like what people have to say.

If you’re upset, respond in-kind and engage with your neighbors. It’s what we’re here for, after all — and we’re happy to provide you the opportunity.

Kevin MacMillan is managing editor of the Sierra Sun. Email him at

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