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Ah, the neverending "Am I local?" question

Norm and Alan Nicholls
Caring About Truckee

Congratulations to the Sunrise Rotary Club for their successful “Speak Easy” fundraiser at Sugar Bowl, and to the Truckee Optimist Club for their First Annual Brew Fest at Regional Park.

Both events were very successful and gave Truckee locals things to do during this traditionally slow time of year. The younger generation sucked up the suds, and the oldies bathed in bathtub gin. It is great to live in Truckee.

Friends and family of Kyler Smith, the 19-year-old Truckee boy who suffered a severe spinal cord injury earlier this year, are overwhelmed by the community support they are receiving. Local merchants, restaurants, ski resorts and golf courses are generously donating for a golf tournament, barbecue and raffle/silent auction that will be held this Sunday, June 25 at Northstar Golf Course. Follow the Sierra Sun for details or call Linda Krone at 587-7966. This event exemplifies the sense of “community” Truckee is famous for, and we hope everyone possible will attend.

Thanks to Sandy Casey for this information.

We threw this question out last week in hopes of a big response. Unfortunately the Sun edited the length of the question which should have ended with “Have fun with this.” Anyway, we did get the following responses which make for interesting reading, and hopefully they will stimulate more responses in future weeks, both serious and “tongue-in-cheek.”

Lori Tucker writes: “I’ve been here in Truckee for 19 years this July 4th. I’m not sure I consider myself a local yet; maybe in another 20 years. The locals are the ones who created this town and gave it the flavor it had, up until about 15 years ago. Not the people who have been here all of five years, call themselves “local” and try to change the town into something akin to where they came from down below.” (At this point, Lori apologizes to anyone she has offended.)

She goes on to say: “I think a true local is someone who can say that living in Truckee has made them who they are, from the kids going to school today or to people like Nick Sassarini or George Wurst who can tell you what it was like 50, 60 or 70 years ago.”

Mary De Lisle called in and said, “Being born here is the main thing.” (Keep in mind Mary was born here and has lived here for 85 years!) ” I guess living here for at least 20 years ‘may’ also qualify being a local.”

She concludes that “Truckee just isn’t Truckee anymore. It is growing too fast and getting too big.”

Maia Schneider (former Mayor of Truckee) stated, “I don’t know, I’ve only lived here 14 years so I’m not a local yet. But here’s a practical test for “local” status:

– If you’ve lived here 1-3 years, you drive really carefully in the snow.

– If you’ve lived here 4-7 years, you take a few more chances and drive a little faster in the snow.

– If you’ve lived here 8-15 years, you drive like a lunatic in the snow and get mad as heck at folks who drive slow.

– If you’ve lived here over 15 years you drive really carefully in the snow and that makes you a local!”

Jamie Bate, editor of the Sierra Sun, wrote in his recent Editorial: “People can crow all they want about how long they’ve lived someplace. But in our estimation a local is someone at the heart of their community, someone with passion for his or her ‘location,’ no matter how long he or she has lived here. It’s about being involved.”

Thanks Lori, Mary, Maia and Jamie, you are all entered into our raffle!

If I (Norm) may add a few thoughts (Alan is in Colorado this week and was no help!): On the lighter side, you do gain “some” local status if:

– You use the heater and air conditioner in your car the same day (in fact within an hour of each other).

– You go to watch a Little League game with shorts and a T-shirt, and end up wrapped in a blanket, or you put on all your ski clothes prior to the third inning.

– You are able to execute a roundabout during a snow storm when all the yield signs and street markings are covered with snow and a dazed-and-confused flatlander is approaching.

– You spend several hundred dollars a year for body lotion and SPF 50 sunblock.

– You know someone who knows somebody who can get you a free lift ticket to Squaw. (If you are one of those people, somebody give me a call).

– You own a tux (if you are a man) or a formal (if you are a woman) to be used “only” at the Rotary’s Cadillac Ball. Conversely, many self-proclaimed locals would never be seen at this glitzy event.

More seriously, I believe a local ” regardless of the length of time in Truckee ” is someone who wakes up in the morning, takes a moment or two to be thankful for being able to live in such a beautiful place; then goes out with a sincere commitment to making the Truckee “community” a better place to live.

I cannot accept a “local” status to those that deliberately move here just to make a buck, build on a resume, and intend to move on.

Lastly, a “true” local, when asked where he or she lives, responds with Truckee, not Tahoe.

Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Road.

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