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Akiko will play live music to benefit Haiti in Truckee Tahoe

Colleen Akiko Jackson
Special to the Sun

Our hearts are breaking with the devastating suffering and aftermath of Haitiand#8217;s earthquake. Even if youand#8217;ve donated towards relief efforts, do you wish you could offer more?

Iand#8217;m a musical artist in Truckee with heart connections in Haiti. In past years Iand#8217;ve worked in community development with indigenous leaders in Haiti, and in 1989 co-founded a nonprofit on the East Coast with Haitians and Americans working together. Itand#8217;s based in Connecticut and still serving effectively.

In the late 80s and early 90s I did and#8220;Hand To Hand for Haitiand#8221; concerts and presentations in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, raising awareness and support for projects such as water pipeline renovations, school and latrine construction, dental, health and eye care clinics and many seminars and#8212; all in Haitiand#8217;s most isolated and impoverished communities.

Some of the people I worked with are missing. Some are already on the scene with their sleeves rolled up. Can we do the same here?

I am willing to sing and play at no charge, with all tips going toward emergency relief in Haiti. I ask the hosting venue donate at least $100 to the organization of their choice to help Haiti, and that the event be publicized for the greatest possible response.

I am transitioning from playing mostly weddings to other venues. I played at the Cottonwood last month, am scheduled to play there again Feb. 26 and will be having a and#8220;Live Music for Haitiand#8221; night there very soon. Feel free to contact Mike Blide, owner of the Cottonwood, for his comments. I am glad to e-mail my musical background information, artist and song list, and other references upon request. Wonand#8217;t you contact me today?

Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity, Akiko, a.k.a. Colleen Akiko Jackson. Phone (530) 308-5053.