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Al Gores Hot Air Tour

Sometimes a particularly outrageous case of hypocrisy jumps up a slaps you in the face.That happened to me this weekend when I buried my head in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine.A couple pages into the publication, I saw a photo of politician-turned-eco-warrior Al Gore. The accompanying article was about how Al Gore is spearheading an international, seven-continent music tour to raise awareness about global warming.Gore had picked up some impressive musical talent to headline the shows, including Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.I watched An Inconvenient Truth, and apart from the Laguna Beach-style reality TV overtones of a couple segments where Gore heads back to his roots at the Tennessee Tobacco farm, I thought the flick was worthwhile.What I do not find worthwhile is throwing a music festival headlined by a smorgasbord of Hummer-driving, zillion-square-foot home owning, more-responsible-than-the-rest-of-us-for-global-warming musicians on seven continents. That would include Antarctica. They better find a large pool toy to serve as a stage, because the Antarctic ice cap might just melt under the irony.Whats Snoop Dogg going to do? Yell Fight Glizzobal Warming for shizzle light up a blunt and launch into a rendition of Drop it like its Hot? The mans an authority on greenhouse gasses, but ecology? Not so much.In the music videos Ive seen of him, I dont remember him riding a bicycle or planting trees. The same goes for the rest of the acts that have already signed up.But then again, I guess we all have to do our part in the fight against global warming. Snoop Doggs and the rest of these musicians part seems to be to burn barrels full of petroleum in their fleet of gas-guzzling roadsters, fly around the globe in private, gas-guzzling jets to sing to us about saving the planet from its impending meltdown.Its like getting a lecture on sobriety from Keith Richards.Do they really think were that dumb? Or has the need for publicity trumped everything.This tour they are calling Live Earth will definitely get more publicity for the subject of climate change than if the headliners were Cat Stevens and the Indigo Girls who probably do live a much more sensible and eco-friendly lifestyle.But does that justify the utter hypocrisy? Credibility anyone?The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Its a hollow publicity stunt.They should re-name it the Greenhouse Gas tour. Or better yet, the Hot Air Tour.David Bunker is the Sierra Suns assistant editor in Tahoe City.

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