Am I a ‘malcontent,” or is this freedom of expression? | Opinion |

Am I a ‘malcontent,” or is this freedom of expression? | Opinion

I was surprised to be labeled as a “malcontent” by Bea Epstein in her column last week, because I also have questions about the actions of the IVGID trustees.

I do not believe I have cost the taxpayers of IVGID hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I distinctly remember paying thousands of dollars to IVGID since we purchased our parcel in the early 1980s.

Please Bea, do not paint all who have questions about the actions of the IVGID trustees with the same brush!

I spent 20+ years in the military defending our right for the freedom of expression. I also understand who has jurisdiction over IVGID, but I still laud Marsha Berkbigler for her attempt to keep this from becoming a complaint to the Attorney General’s office and a potential legal suit.

I will not rehash the three issues in question but will only say — if the IVGID trustees and staff feel that all the issues were handled within the scope of their legal authority and within established procedures, then why not discuss their actions in front of the county commissioners?

Transparency is a good thing. I do not think Marsha has any intent of adding “…another layer of government…” to harass and bully IVGID. The current over-watch of the spending actions of IVGID is by an appointed state of Nevada tax commission.

I believe they would welcome comments from an elected body that provides the majority of social and economic support for our entire community.

Although you question the amount of economic support from Washoe County, that is a separate issue. For the sake of clearing the air and being transparent to all who live in Incline Village or support Incline Village, let us have more input and discussion to eliminate any further division and prevent litigation.

George Del Carlo

Incline Village