Amerigas seeks cooperation during clean-up |

Amerigas seeks cooperation during clean-up

A letter from AmeriGas

Dear neighbors and community members,

During the last several days, all of us here in the Truckee area have lived through a difficult situation. A leak in an underground line on AmeriGas’ property caused a release of propane and, as a result, normal activities and business operations have been disrupted. AmeriGas has taken swift action to address this serious problem, including bringing in the best expertise possible to remediate the situation. We have been, and will continue, working closely with the town officials and other government agencies to resolve the situation as expeditiously as possible. You have our commitment that we will determine the factors that brought about this situation and take action to ensure that a similar situation will not occur in the future. We want you to know that we appreciate the high level of cooperation displayed by town officials, fire and law enforcement professionals, and – most especially – by you, our neighbors here in the business district. Your cooperation, and your professionalism, speak well for our town, and are a clear indication of continued success for us all. Thank you for your understanding, and for being a good neighbor.

Bob Roseler, AmeriGas