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‘An angel on my shoulder’

I thought I better write a note to remind Truckee residents what an unusually thoughtful and kind town that they live in. Over a great number of years, the kind and thoughtful things complete strangers have offered me and my late husband are truly amazing.

The latest incident started the Christmas season with the true spirit of Christmas.

Last week, I was grocery shopping and got caught without my credit card, cash or checks after putting everything on the checkout counter. While having a conversation with one of the well known clerks, who offered to pay for the groceries and I would pay her back on my next visit, a lady unknown to me (with a beautiful smile) presented her credit card to pay the bill. The card was ringing up while I asked her for her name and address to send her a check. She refused to give me either because the deed was what she meant to do.

Where else do these kind of things happen? I can’t tell you how many times here in Truckee people have been overly kind to me. Sometimes I can’t help but think there is an angel on my shoulder.

It actually would take several pages to tell you all the kind things individuals, both young and old, male and female, have done for me and my late husband.

Way to go Truckee, and thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Sandy G.


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