Andy Wirth guest column: A blinding flash of the obvious |

Andy Wirth guest column: A blinding flash of the obvious

Andy Wirth

David Brew’s guest column in this past Wednesday’s paper, regarding a letter supporting our company’s character and management of the redevelopment at the base of the mountain, is a simple continuation of his ongoing, long-standing PR campaign against seemingly everything.

More importantly, his revelation that the world-class athletes and local business leaders/owners, most of them long-time locals, who signed this letter “have a connection” to Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is, in fact, a blinding flash of the obvious.

Of course we are connected to that collection of remarkable individuals, and we are most certainly very proud to be associated with this informed, independent thinking and quite spirited group of individuals.

Of course we work to not only inform these individuals but we also solicit their input on virtually everything we do, including the redevelopment effort. We are very much, and with great pride, connected!

I would imagine that the great many folks in this community who know these individuals can attest to the fact that they are independent thinkers and the fact that, in this small, tight-knit community where you end up knowing just about everyone, there are not just work related linkages, but friendships. Moreover, their voice is the voice of the next generation of Squaw Valley and is a voice to which I listen intently.

However, it is not our organization that is engaged in a “well orchestrated PR campaign” as Mr. Brew asserts and has been asserting for nearly two years. Conversely, we have and continue to listen to constructive feedback from the community; we have and continue to use, for instance, science and hydrologists to study and answer questions about the water in Squaw Valley; and yes, material changes have been made as a result of that simple, unassailable truth — we listened and we continue to listen.

Mr. Brew, despite your ongoing and tired assertion that we’re using slick campaigns to “convince,” the simple truth is that we have been using a basic formula of honest and thoughtful hard work, coupled with listening intently, then acting with the viewpoints of a vast number of thoughtful and positive-minded community members’ guidance. Ultimately, it’s discourteous, if not rude, to suggest that this notable group of individuals’ voice and point of view somehow matters less than yours. I will most certainly come to their defense, out of respect for each and every one of them as valued and trusted ambassadors of our mountains, as pillars of this community and as friends of mine.

Andy Wirth is president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, parent company of Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Real Estate.


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