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Animal communication: Understand your pet’s needs

Cindy Hartzell
Special to the Sun
Courtesy photoCindy Hartzell uses her unique simpatico with animals for healing and communication.

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. – What is animal communication? There are few words in our language that can help explain what animal communication is all about. Intuition and telepathy are the two best.

Intuition is: “the ability to perceive or learn things without conscious reasoning.” During our lifetimes, we all experience knowing something without understanding how it is we know it. However, we are confident what we know is true.

Telepathy is: “feeling at a distance, communication by means other than the normal sensory channels and transference of thought.” Telepathic communication is a natural ability we all have, some of us just use it more than others.

When I communicate with animals, I receive messages intuitively and telepathically. This allows me to communicate with them either in person or remotely (they can be anywhere in the world or may have passed on from this world). Animals send me visual images, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and sensations. Sometimes, I receive words at other times they come with a sense of knowing how they fit together to form the communication. Animals are capable of communicating very deep feelings and often communicate with great wisdom or insight.

I am a Reiki master teacher and an animal aroma-therapist. I incorporate my animal communication skills to assist animals in releasing their tension or body ailments, which can help to promote healthy immune systems. Animals, like humans, experience emotional issues. Left untreated these can manifest into physical ailments. Communication with an animal to find out what their problems may be gives us the opportunity to address their issues promptly and productively.

How can animal communication help people with their pets?

• Understanding your pet’s personality and needs can help you to make adjustments in your pet’s world. Often the results are dramatic and can create for you a new perspective of your pet.

• It can help your animal regain their health and well-being. Frequently, we struggle to determine what is really ailing our animals. Why not ask them directly and eliminate the guesswork?

• It can eliminate destructive, painful emotional or behavioral issues. It is common for me to be called as in as a last resort. Individuals who are considering surrendering their pets to animal shelters or worse, contemplating euthanasia. Instead of having to take these drastic steps, we are able to communicate with their animal and frequently resolve their issue(s), thereby allowing their pets to remain in the home and live a happy life.

• Giving assistance with death and dying: This can be one of the most difficult times families share with their pets. It can be comforting and reassuring for both people and their pets to be able to ask your companion and friend if they are ready to move on and what it is they need to help let go.

– Cindy Hartzell is an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Aroma-therapist, and Equine Experiential Learning Coach. Contact Cindy at 530-386-3639 or visit

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