Any Wednesday | Don’t let your brain go on strike |

Any Wednesday | Don’t let your brain go on strike

Deb Kelly
Special to the Sun
Deb Kelly

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Without a working brain where would you be? If your brain went on strike its platform would be poor working conditions, stressful, no benefits and too much overtime. Wasn’t your brain there for you when you created a report for your boss? Helped the kids with homework? Coped with the passing of your mother? Gave you a punch line that made you look good? Your brain is working overtime. When did you last give your brain a break?

The brain can create anything. It creates what it is focused upon. If it’s overworked it becomes confused, distracted and often a bit chaotic. To keep thoughts healthy and aligned with feeling good the brain needs to shut down and relax daily. Seriously, you take time to walk the dog, oil your car – why wouldn’t you take care of what drives your life?

Give us our daily rest

Your brain needs to rest daily to run smoothly. Think about it, if you left your brain trapped in a small elevator and it went up and down all day long filling the space with thoughts by the end of the day it would be crowded, stale and exhausted. A stagnant brain feels trapped riding the up and downs of emotion and cycling bazillions of thoughts per minute in a finite space. Open the doors of your brain now. Give yourself a breath and quiet your mind allowing it to be free and detached from the high-pressure job of being your brain.

Take 10 minutes daily, sit down with your feet flat on the floor, back straight, head up and give yourself a breath. Ah-h-h, feel a little better already? Now close your eyes and take in a deep, deep breath through your nose and follow your breath, using your imagination. Now, exhale through your mouth and try it again. You feel some relaxation? What about those thoughts? Observe them and breathe them out. You want to learn more? You are invited to Any Wednesday – quiet your mind and put a new rhythm in your life.

What’s happening Any Wednesday

Feb. 20: Deb Kelly, “What You Focus On You Create.”

Feb. 27: Susie Alexander, founder of Arts in Wellness has created a studio where everyone paints and discovers their own healing creativity. Susie Sutphin, founder of the Tahoe Food Hub, is building a sustainable local food community and educating us all from schools to local businesses about the food we eat and the growing dome.

Join Deb Kelly Any Wednesday at For Goodness Sake in Truckee at 6:30 p.m. If you are interested in speaking at Any Wednesday call Deb at 530-448-0774.

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