Armchair politics its all in the family |

Armchair politics its all in the family

Talking to liberals is like killing rattlesnakes, only killing rattlesnakes is easier and they are more logical than liberals.A beautiful redhead approached me recently at the gym beseeching me for answers about George Bush and the war in Iraq. I welcomed the dialogue, wishing to engage her indefinitely due to her pleasant appearance and the excellent fit of her workout tights. I was hoping I could come up with a clever segue that would change the subject from the tragedy of collateral damage to the prospect of continuing the intercourse political or not at my place. It probably didnt help when, in response to one of her remarks, I said, Dont be ridiculous. I told her I was glad we caught Saddam Hussein and killed his sadistic sons. She said she wanted a divorce and slithered away. I didnt even get to see her fangs or hear her tail rattle. At least she was able to keep her sense of humor. Most liberals cant.Our conversation was just beginning to get interesting too. She compared the futility of one culture trying to impose itself on another to the idea of a non-family member coming into her family uninvited and trying to discipline her children. It probably wouldnt work. The democratic experiment in Iraq may be an exercise in futility, I dont know. The fact is, all the cultures of the world are intimately connected, like a family, through trade, travel, economics and politics. Despite hunger and genocide the world is one family now, not later. Why else is it so horrible for there to be tragedies?Liberals forget the main reason we invaded Iraq in the first place. It really had nothing to do with terrorists or weapons of mass destruction, but we certainly found them too. We invaded Iraq to punish Saddams flagrant disregard of the United Nations and the UNs lack of will to do anything about his arrogant, dishonest and unstable behavior.To promote the good of the family there must be consequences for those who violate it. Saddam and his sons suffered the consequences. Their kind are the rebellious teenagers who are hell bent on hurting anyone in the family with whom they dont like. They are the opposite of peacemakers with no consideration for others. They will not be persuaded to love.Many Americans have a knee-jerk reaction to the global war against terrorism. Some think George Bush is worse than the terrorists. I think they are more ignorant than Tanya Harding.Unlike Vietnam, there is clearly a direct threat against us today. George Bush is no saint and only history will tell what kind of a leader he really is, I dont know. But apparently a lot of people do know and they will sure tell you.Peace is not the absence of conflict. There is a time for war, and a time to kill. I prefer peace, but as long as some people in the family prefer to make trouble I hope there are people brave enough to kill them, or at least restrain them forever. They wont go away if you ignore them. They will come into your family uninvited and innocent blood will flow much deeper than it flows today. The best way to show the full measure of your devotion to the family, as dysfunctional as it is, and to work for peace in the future is to defend it now. Its the only family we have.Maybe America is in for a good whopping. Maybe we deserve it. Maybe were just imperfect humans caught up in history who deserve to live.Wake me up when all the bad guys are gone. Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, experienced ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived on the North Shore of Tahoe for 25 years.

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