At some point, it’s time to change the locks |

At some point, it’s time to change the locks

Maybe Bill wasn’t telling the truth about not inhaling.

You remember the line about President Clinton when asked if he had ever experimented with marijuana during his college days. He had tried a puff or two, but never “inhaled.” I’m not so sure anymore.

Here’s a guy who is a master of semantics – somehow he manages to deftly explain away the numerous allegations against him as inappropriate or bad judgment, but not a lie or untruth.

After Clinton’s painful address to the nation this week, someone at the White House seems to be inhaling these days. The First Family isn’t the first family that resided in the White House to have experienced its share of sordid affairs of the heart.

In modern times, JFK, FDR and Harding have spurred rumors of presidential infidelity, a trait that dates back to colonial days and Jefferson’s alleged liaisons with his slaves.

Sometime several decades ago, the indiscretions of politicians and celebrities that once remained in the dark and out of the public spotlight became fodder for widespread dissemination.

No longer could a president crippled by polio spend 12 years in the White House and never have a photograph of him being helped from his chair or lifted into his automobile make the pages of the morning paper. Times had changed considerably by the late ’60s, and then Nixon and Watergate ensured our presidents would forever be treated differently.

Just what was Clinton, a master of the media in comparison to many of his predecessors, thinking when he gave Monica Lewinsky a trunkload of free passes for the private tours of the Oval Office?

And, at some point, one has to wonder what the heck Hillary is thinking? How much “inappropriate” behavior is she going to stand for before she stops being humiliated as she stands by her man time after time?

I can’t be the only one who is waiting for Hillary to act like most other married American women and kick Bill’s sorry behind out of the house – White House or no White House.

Clinton may be great at running the country and keeping inflation down, but how does he get away with finding the door unlocked each night when he comes home?

This latest incident has given me a greater respect for what happened in Britain between Charles and Diana. Specifically, I admire Diana more now for having the wherewithal to tell Charlie -royalty or no royalty – to take a hike after his well-publicized dalliances.

Mind you, Diana received a tidy severance package for turning her back on Charles and the royal family, but at least she refused to play the dupe before today’s worldwide stage.

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