Bad Back? Brace yourself! |

Bad Back? Brace yourself!

Mark Tedson, MPT, TPISpecial to the Sun

The way the medical profession protects and promotes healing to an injured area is to provide a stabilizing system (i.e. a brace) around the damaged region. The core is a group of muscles that act as a brace to the entire stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips. When all 15 of these muscles work together in appropriate fashion a powerful dynamic stabilization system occurs around the middle of ones body. Due to the large collection of core muscles, strength training to this region requires a sequence of steps with proper instruction. The first step is learning how to isometrically contract the deep core muscles. These exercises are referred to as brain exercises because they require the ability to connect the mind with the muscle. They are not strenuous, but they require lots of repetitions. Once the core foundation is established, a variety of exercises can be performed using many forms of external resistance. External resistance might include: Using ones own body weight, machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, or training on unstable surfaces such as stability balls, foam rollers and pads, disc pillows or BOSU trainers. All can help to strengthen the core and brace the lower back. Proper spinal and pelvic positioning are critical when training the core. People often choose exercises that are too challenging. This creates poor body positioning, inadequate recruitment of core muscles, muscle imbalances and the potential for injury. When core training is sequenced and done properly, huge benefits can be made for people suffering from low back pain. Core strength provides the brace to ones low back. All acute tissue injuries in the low back need protection, support and stabilization for repair to occur. Without core stabilization the tasks of daily life and recreational activities will continue to irritate injured tissue and repair will never fully occur. This leads to tissue degeneration and chronic low back pain. If you have never experienced low back pain, keep it that way and start training your core! Mark Tedson, MPT, TPI, Physical Therapist at the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance

Join Physical Therapist Mark Tedsen in a four-week program starting June 5, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Tahoe Center for Health andamp; Sports Performance, for expert instruction on how to keep your back healthy and strong by training the core.Properly train the core Develop core stabilizers Focus on proper pelvic and spinal alignment Learn proper body mechanics to avoid injury For more information or to register call 587-3769.

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