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Bear Report

As predicted, problems are escalating as bears sense the coming of fall and begin to consume as much food as possible. An average size bear must ingest approximately 20,000 calories per day in order to put on the fat reserves required to survive the winter.

Numerous bears are foraging for meals in and around homes, day and night. It is imperative for summer residents to now take all food out of cabins that are not substantial enough to withstand the relentless pounding of a hungry bear. Even if a homeowner has never seen a bear, they are obviously here and are intent on finding food.

There is no relocation policy in California. Although it is a popular myth that bears will be trapped and taken off somewhere else … it does not happen. Every day several residents call to ask that a particular bear be relocated but to their dismay they have to be told that this is illegal and not possible. The best course of action is to avoid having a problem in the first place.

Birdfeeders and garbage in neighborhoods attract bears. Residents are encouraged to help coach their neighbors on how to keep bears away by being responsible and forever remembering there are bears passing through, hoping to score a meal due to someone’s negligence.

A concerned homeowner in called to report three young cubs in his yard without a mother. He was very worried they might be orphans. There had not been any reports of anyone shooting at or hitting a bear while driving so the gentleman was asked to get all the people and dogs away so the mother could come and find her cubs, which she did a short time later. This time of year mother bears are allowing their growing cubs to be a bit more independent for longer periods of time. If a cub is truly orphaned he will usually cry for the first day or two, very loudly, and he will let his dire circumstance be known to all who can hear him.

Report any motherless cubs to the BEAR League immediately.

A relatively new resident in called to complain about a bear having left a large pile of ‘droppings’ in her yard. She was very disturbed and wanted to know what could be done about this. BEAR League personnel informed her that no one has any control whatsoever over where the bears decide to relieve themselves. We live in the woods and we all know what bears do in the woods.

In , where there is no bear/garbage ordinance, a person renting a home called to complain about a bear who had been getting into her garbage for months and is now becoming territorial and not easily run off. It was explained how bears will take advantage of a constant supply of trash and keep coming back for more. The best and most responsible course of action would be for the landlord to provide a bear-proof enclosure, as the residence has no garage.

and are all experiencing an extraordinary increase in bear access to trash. Numerous irate and disgusted neighbors have called to complain and ask for assistance. In Placer County it is illegal to allow a bear access to trash but in Nevada County it is not … and it certainly is not the right thing to do.

A bear trap was set at a residence in in order to capture and kill a mother with two young cubs. Neighbors who are strongly opposed to this method apparently sabotaged the trap and after two days it was removed with no harm to the resident bears.

In , very hard hit this summer by bears, a mother bear was killed and her death orphaned two small cubs last week. A resident has decided one was not enough and now has another trap set in order to kill more bears. Numerous neighbors, who are not experiencing bear problems, are outraged and are calling to complain about traps set up to lure bears in and kill them.

Again, homes left unoccupied for more than a week at a time should be removed of all food and there would not be a problem. Bears do not enter homes in order to steal TVs and silverware.

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