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Bear report

Courtesy photoMarvin the Porcupine was a constant companion of the BEAR League's Ann Bryant.

How does one write an obituary for a porcupine? And is this even a proper thing to do? Right now it doesn’t seem to matter and I will take the liberty to do so for those many friends of Marvin in this wonderful community who loved and cared for him, especially the children, the young ones who grew up knowing and appreciating a porcupine who was a part of this special place on our planet.

Marvin came to live with Ann Bryant eight years ago as a young baby after having been badly injured when run over and left for dead by a motorist ” he was still living at the time with his biological mother in South Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care rescued him, even though his chances for survival were grim. He was turned over to Ann to care for in hopes of keeping him alive. Somehow, he miraculously pulled through despite all his life threatening injuries. He and Ann quickly became the very best of friends and went out into the world together to teach people about wildlife and to explain that animals are very much like us, and and that they love and appreciate the life they have been given.

Marvin was called to ‘speak’ at every imaginable venue where people came to learn and understand the ‘others’ … be they porcupines, squirrels, raccoons, birds or bears. For eight years he tirelessly went to schools, libraries, Earth Day, the park, bear lectures, etc. to help be the liaison and the translator between humans and our animal relatives. Children loved him, adults learned from him and our community appreciated him. He was often seen riding in his cart behind Ann’s bicycle, with the wind blowing through his quills, enjoying life, happy to be a porcupine. Marvin went for many long walks in the forest, pretending to be a ‘wild animal’ but then when Ann would hide behind a tree he would stand up and call for her not to leave him.

He would then come running as fast as a porcupine can (which is not very fast) to follow closely back to the house where he knew he would be safe and loved.

His favorite treats were cinnamon bears, red licorice, cheese pizza and peanuts. He attended St. Nicholas Episcopal Church almost every Sunday where he was considered a dedicated and much loved member of the congregation.

Marvin is survived by his best friend and surrogate mother, Ann Bryant; his grandfather and grandmother, Don and Willi Thompson from Texas; and Dmytry, Anya, and Millicent, his canine brother and sisters; along with several squirrels and bears who he loved and considered a special part of his family.

Life will change forever for Ann without Marvin by her side.

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