Bear report |

Bear report

The Tahoe and Truckee bears are more active and obvious this time of year than any other. They are preparing for winter and thinking about putting on as much weight as possible in the time remaining before the heavy snows cover all the naturally available food sources.

The forests offer the bears everything they need at just the right time. The pinecones are opening and the nuts are falling everywhere. Berries are ripe and heavy on the native bushes. Bears do not need to invade our homes to find the calories they demand, and residents must take extra precautions in order dissuade them from following their noses into our kitchens. They are also looking for winter den sites, and homeowners must close up all crawl space openings or unwelcome wild guests will move in.

In Tahoe Vista several people called to report a person deliberately feeding bears in her yard. A BEAR League member discussed the illegalities of this action with the offender, explaining the problems it creates for both bears and people. A close watch will continue to make certain this situation is under control and the feeding of bears ceases immediately.

A mother bear was hit by a car just south of Rubicon and suffered a broken front wrist. She has two young cubs with her and numerous concerned hikers and drivers called to ask for assistance for her. The BEAR League and Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care (South Lake Tahoe) immediately responded and it was determined she is limping but foraging and moving about very well, just favoring her injured limb. Bears heal very quickly and she should be fine either just before or after her winter’s sleep.

A resident in Tahoma left for the weekend, leaving his garage door open with garbage inside and an unsecured door to the kitchen. A family of bears took advantage of the negligence and enjoyed the easy access to garbage and pantries for two days until diligent neighbors notified the resident of the problem. The bears are continuing to frequent this home, as they will usually do once they have found food.

A family of bears may have decided to claim a homeowner’s property in the Brockway area of Kings Beach for their winter den site as they have been sighted several times in the very private and secluded landscape surrounding the home and grounds. BEAR League staff have been dispatched to discourage the bears from building dens and settling in for the winter.

It is bear-hunting season in restricted areas of Tahoe-Truckee and the League has received many calls from distressed residents who have witnessed bears being killed by either bow and arrow or guns. Although disturbing to most, this is legal as long as the Department of Fish and Game rules are followed and the bear is more than 50 pounds.

Contact the BEAR League to report any unusual bear activity or for help with questions, concerns or problems, call 525-PAWS (7297)

This Bear Report comes from the BEAR League.

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