Bear report |

Bear report

After eight years of keeping data on bears hit on the roads, the BEAR League warns residents that this is the time of year when cars are most likely to collide with a bear.

By far more bears have been hit and/or killed during November than any other month. They are foraging about 20 hours each day and covering more territory. It’s dark earlier and they are harder to see. Motorists should keep this in mind and be watching for movement coming out from the side of the road. If one bear is seen crossing, slow down as a cub or two might be following close behind.

In Tahoma a bear entered an empty cabin, knocked some tea out of the cupboard, then left. He has not returned. The cabin is very old with a kitchen door that locks with only a skeleton key and no deadbolt. The family installed a barking dog alarm and will strengthen the door and locks. A few blocks away, a mother bear who has two cubs has been seen hobbling around on three feet. Her back right foot is mangled. She is caring for her cubs and is not creating any problems. The BEAR League asks to be notified if anyone has information on how she was injured.

Several reports have come in from various neighborhoods in Truckee regarding bears in garbage. There is no garbage ordinance in Truckee so the League recommends people ask their neighbors to please not put any garbage out until the day of pick-up. Most people comment that they have tried this but to no avail.

There are continuing problems in Tahoe Swiss Village with a mother bear and her two cubs going into empty homes to raid the refrigerators. She will not enter homes where anyone is inside, nor will she go into a house with a barking dog alarm.

In Tahoe Vista, at the mobile home park on National Avenue, with its overflowing and open Dumpsters creating a serious lure, a mother bear with three cubs have been seen, almost daily, foraging in the available trash. The BEAR League has distributed bilingual bear literature several times in hopes that the residents will help solve this ongoing problem.

Alpine Meadows is back on the map as one of the most active areas for bear-in-house occurrences. As always, this happens at empty homes with no noise or deterrent coming from inside. Many times the entry is not discovered for several weeks after the fact, so the bear or bears keep coming back unimpeded. This reinforces their behavior and encourages them to continue this kind of foraging technique.

In Placer and Eldorado counties it is illegal to allow a bear access to trash. Please notify the BEAR League if you have a neighbor who is doing so. To contact the League for questions or help with bears call 525-7297 or e-mail

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