Bear report |

Bear report

Each Friday the BEAR League will update the community to help everyone avoid having bear problems. Sightings are not normally mentioned unless they were unusual or involve trash being left out.Squaw Valley continues to be, hands down, the hardest-hit area for bear activity this summer. A family of bears, mother and two yearling cubs, were fed by a new and uniformed resident early this spring and thereafter decided to forage in kitchens rather than in the woods. They normally go through open windows and doors but have broken a few single pane windows to gain entry. One cub was trapped and killed two months ago, but it was not one of the guilty bears, so the problem continues.One of the cubs from this family moved to Alpine Meadows, where he follows his fruitful but unnatural lifestyle. Several homes there have been visited, again usually coming in through open windows or doors (screens count as an open window) or opening doors with deadbolts unsecured. Pineland has had its share of uninvited bear house guests in the form of a mother and two young cubs. They too are not discouraged by screens and feel welcome when a door is left ajar or when they lean on a single pane window and find it easily snaps out. This bear family covers a rather large territory and has been a cause for concern in Timberland as well. Both of these neighborhoods have many older style summer homes and the residents are oftentimes not at home so they gain easy access and are rarely caught in the act, making it very difficult to let them know this behavior is not acceptable.Just recently another mother with two young cubs began breaking through single pane windows of empty homes in the Tahoe Pines and Tahoe Swiss Village neighborhoods.There have been five homes invaded and always through single pane windows or hollow-core doors without deadbolts and when no one is inside. Recently a mom with two young cubs opened an unlatched garage door off of Old County Road and raided a garbage can inside. We have had no other problems in this area this year and sincerely hope this wont be the beginning of trouble.In the Rubicon area an average size single bear has been finding unsecured garbage and open kitchen doors but has not broke in to anyones home at this point.We recorded reports of three car break-ins in the Tahoma area, in each case something was left inside smelling of food. Truckee has been quiet with an occasional report of a bear in someones trash due to it being left out for several days prior to pick-up.It is highly recommended to remove all food when a house or cabin is left empty for long periods of time. Keep in mind that bears prefer to enter uninhabited homes so we can oftentimes fool them by leaving on lights, radios or motion-activated barking dogs rather than cupboards and refrigerators filled with food and no sign of anyone at home. If a bear enters your home, notify the BEAR League immediately. The animal will be back if it obtained food and was not chased away. We work with biologists around the country and are versed in solving problems created when bears and people share the same habitat. If you are home or come home and find a bear inside, do not block his exit, he will normally leave the way he came in as soon as he knows you are there.Contact the BEAR League for advice or help in any matter relating to bears at 525-7297, or Provided by the BEAR League

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