Behold the beauty and be compliant |

Behold the beauty and be compliant

What a beautiful time of year. It is hard for me to sit down and type out an article when I could be outside enjoying this wonderful weather. Blue skies, sun shining, 82 degrees.

You may have noticed that we had a good number of hazy days a week or so back. I figured that it had something to do with the fire northeast of Reno, or controlled burns on U.S. Forest Service lands. Someone told me that the haze was actually dust particulates that had blown across the globe from Russia. Whatever the source, it was sure great to have some windy days to help clear it out and to allow our beautiful blue skies to return.

It is also nice to see all the snow poles disappearing from the landscape. Although they are an integral part of snow removal, they sure are ugly.

A group of us from the Tahoe Donner Senior Alpine Ski Club got together on Saturday morning and took the hike from Highway 89, along Sagehen Creek to within sight of Stampede Reservoir and returned. The round trip is approximately 4.6 miles and is a very gentle hike. It is also shaded along most of the trail so it is a good one for a warm day.

We saw a good number of wild flowers including mules’ ears, shooting stars, buttercups, wild peony, sulphur plants, alpine violets, cat’s breeches and Indian paint brush. The camas and the lupine, had just begun to bloom. The meadows should be spectacular with thousands of them in a week or so.

Since the snow pack ended up being below normal this year, the wild flower season will probably be short this year, so get out and enjoy nature’s beauty soon.

Bill Johnson was our hike leader and others that joined us included Barbara Bryant, Marilyn Crang, Bob and Nancy Ellis, Bob and Bonnie French, Sandy Hughes, Phyllis Steel, Liz Moore, Chuck and Nancy Perez, Alan Gauld and Alice Nicholls. I apologize to those who I failed to mention.

Do you remember receiving your Town of Truckee Newsletter last fall? Do you remember that the main article and supplemental articles were about the removal of all non-certified woodstoves and fireplace inserts from homes and businesses by May 31, 2008?

Well, if you don’t, you are not alone. Not a lot has been written about it since the newsletter. Yet, you are expected to be compliant ” in 10 days!

If you have questions or want to know whether your woodstove is compliant, call Truckee Planning Division by phone at (530) 582-7820 or by e-mail at Also ask about the rebates that are available ($300 to $500).

The following information will be helpful in helping to determine whether you are compliant or not:

– This ordinance only involves woodstoves and woodstove inserts. All fireplaces (without inserts), gas stoves and gas fireplaces, and pellet stoves are compliant.

– If you own a home that was finaled on or after January 1, 1994, by the Town of Truckee, and you have not placed any additional woodstoves or fireplaces (unless with a proper permit), you are compliant.

– If your Truckee home was built between 1984 and 1994, you have about a 60/40 chance that your woodstove or fireplace insert is compliant. Pre-1984, it is doubtful. You should have your local woodstove dealer inspect yours for you.

Compliance or non-compliance has to do with emissions only. You may have a compliant woodstove that, in its present condition, could be a fire hazard and should be replaced anyway. If in doubt as to its operating condition, call your woodstove/fireplace dealer or local chimney sweep. Be safe.

Bob and Mary Lou Herhusky, and Bill and Phyllis Davidson were correctly identified as the owners of Robert’s in Truckee, an upscale hardware and housewares store that was a very popular business on Commercial Row for many years.

Jackie Wells was our early bird winner (at 4:35 a.m.) even though Norval Ayers emailed us at 12:30 a.m. Hawaiian time (3:45 a.m. here) from Maui. Norval could not remember the owners’ names, but did e-mail us as soon as he read our article (online) about the closing of OB’s. He is saddened, as most of us are.

Other winners included Charlie White, Al Lamas, Keith Mickelson, Bettye “Boop” Carmichael, Mary De Lisle, Russell Rosewood (from Sierraville), and Jim Maas (from Reno). Pete Kolp remembers Bob once saying, “Yep, pretty soon all the hardware will be pushed to the back to make room for the Foo Foo stuff that the tourists come far and wide to buy.”

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