Being a dad in Truckee isnt bad |

Being a dad in Truckee isnt bad

Its Sunday morning, and its Fathers Day. I need to get this column completed so I can get out with my wife, Alice, and my son, Alan and go on a bike ride. We are going with Norm and Karen Justesen and their youngest daughter, Stacey. We are apparently going to ride from the summit, through some old railroad sheds, and come out in Coldstream Canyon. I will report how it went in the next column.As I sit here and think of how blessed I have been to have my wife, Alice, and my children Christy and Alan, I sometimes wonder if I really did it right. I know I have made mistakes, and I have stumbled along the way, but I truly believe that my kids are the best, and they have turned into responsible, fun-loving adults. Yeah, I guess Alice and I did it right!

Congratulations to the graduating classes of 2007 in Truckee, North Tahoe and Incline Village. Congratulations also to the parents and families that supported these students through their first phase in life. And, thank you to all the local businesses and private donors for producing hundreds of thousands of dollars towards scholarships.For those of you parents who are nervous about your son or daughter going to major colleges and universities after being brought up in a small community, may I say relax.My daughter Christy went to UC Davis and Alan went to UCLA. Alice and I were concerned about both of them being small fish in big, big ponds. Years later, both our kids said the self esteem they gained being in small schools gave them the confidence to adjust to the life in the large colleges. They also said they felt more street wise than a lot of their college friends who came from private and large public high schools. I dont know whether being more street wise is good or bad, but they both survived and did graduate!

Mark McLaughlins June 12 column, Truckees Summer Time Cold Spot Legacy, was excellent. As real estate agents, Alan and I get asked by many of our clients whether Truckee is really the coldest place in the United States. Yes, sometimes we are, but no, we are not, is the way I lead into the answer. From now on I am just going to send a copy of Marks article to my clients. Well written and well said!

Several of our readers have said they have really enjoyed recent columns where we have looked back in time by quoting some of the old newspaper articles. Well, I dont have any old newspapers available at the moment, but may I share some of my memories?Do you remember the Old Capitol Saloon and Pizza Parlor downtown?Do you remember Thorntons Garage where the Beacon gas station is now?Do you remember the cook your own steak house in the Alpine Riverside hotel?Do you remember when John Corbett was Uncle Sam in the Fourth of July parade?Do you remember when Anheuser Busch sent the Clydesdales to Truckee in recognition of Truckees citizens drinking more Bud (per capita) than any other town?Do you remember when you could legally carry a drink down the streets of downtown Truckee?Do you remember Walking Jack?Do you remember when we had no traffic lights (or roundabouts) in Truckee?Do you remember the years when they did not plow snow on Old Highway 40?Do you remember our schools without portable class rooms?Do you remember when Commercial Row and Jibboom Street were one way streets?If you recognize all the above, you have been here for 30 years or more.If you would like to submit your memories of the past, please contact us. This could really be a fun part of our columns in the future.

Sha Neva was the name of the aggregate/trucking company that was operated northeast of downtown Truckee where the Pioneer Commerce Center is now located. Pat Shane was the owner of the business. In 1973, I (Norm) actually worked for Pat and his brother, Buck, for several months. They were strict, but very fair bosses. I would have continued working for them if Pacific Telephone had not offered me a job. I believe that it was Buck who convinced me that, in the long term, I would probably be happier with a career in the phone company than driving a truck for the rest of my life. (Real estate was not in the picture in those days).Betty Baker and Ron Rettig were co-early bird winners and they will both receive three chances towards this years drawing for their correct answers. I acknowledged Betty as the winner before I found Rons e-mail in my junk bin. Ron was actually a couple of hours earlier.Other readers with correct answers were: Jim Maass, Mary DeLisle, Pat Northrop, Gordy Kjer, Bill Mullin, Keith Mickelson, and, with a little help from her dad, John, Leah Krone.Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group, are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Road.This weeks question.(Courtesy of Leah Krone): What was the former name of the Mexican restaurant, now known as Casa Baeza? Call us at 550-5035 or e-mail us at with your answer.

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