Best practices for cleansing |

Best practices for cleansing

TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Body cleansing is a popular strategy for improving oneand#8217;s general health and to address a number of common symptoms and health concerns.

People may undertake a cleanse to lose weight, decrease fatigue, improve acne, or when starting a new exercise program. –

Cleansing has been around for eons and every culture or religion in the world engages in some sort of a and#8220;cleanseand#8221; or purification ritual. Many feel since a cleanse is targeted at behaviors we should be doing all the time, a cleanse is a false pretense of a healthy lifestyle. However, most people do get into a rut as far as diet and lifestyles are concerned. A cleanse is meant to re-focus the individual to assist in finding the patience and clarity necessary to make better day-to-day health choices.

Unfortunately, there are dangerous cleansing regimens promoted on the Internet. Many involve fasting for prolonged periods of time with very low calorie intake and water. These regimens can lead to electrolyte imbalances that can have adverse effects on the kidneys, liver, heart, brain and muscles. Many people, especially women, have experienced heart arrhythmias, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration from these austere regimens.

A safe cleanse is meant to and#8220;clean upand#8221; oneand#8217;s diet, habits and even the products you use on your body and in your household. The best dietary cleanse would be to follow a low calorie, high fiber diet free of processed foods, smoking and alcohol with plenty of water, exercise, sleep and daily meditation for 10 to 14 days. A cleanse should be a strict commitment during the time period you have chosen. If you feel you can only cleanse one area of your lifestyle at a time, such as abstaining from alcohol or getting enough sleep, then do so. It is better to focus on only one area than to not cleanse at all.

When a cleanse is undertaken to address skin issues such as dryness or acne, attention should be paid to getting enough of vitamins A, C and E and Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. These are important for skin and hair texture and health. Also take a look at what you are using on your body. Using toiletries that are filled with preservatives and chemicals are harmful to the body. There are natural and organic products available free of harsh chemicals.

When done properly, a good cleanse can lead to better health, weight loss and even better skin. A cleanse can be a springboard to better habits and health choices. Poor and even dangerous cleanses involving Spartan diets or prolonged fasting can actually lead to worsened health and do not promote better habits. If you have decreased energy, need to lose weight, or just want to look better and feel healthier, then the right cleanse may be the kick start you need to get into the groove of making better health choices.

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and#8212; Dr. Haven Ritchie is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine and is board certified in internal medicine. Her interests in dermatology and cosmetic medicine led her to pursue additional training and certification in the practice of non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

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