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Birth announcements

The following birth announcements come from Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Dec. 16, 2006

Kevin and Wendy McKechnie of Truckee, a boy, Carter Frederick.

Dec. 17, 2006

Mario Reyes-Nunez and Maria Rojas of Kings Beach, a boy, Mario.

Dec. 20, 2006

Kevin and Christian Taylor of Portola, a boy, Andrew James.

Dec. 21, 2006

Adam Baggerman and Sara Peri of Truckee, a girl, Laila Catherine.

Francisco Peralta and Meghan Hall of Portola, a boy, John Francis.

Steven Poulin and Elizabeth Gaut of Truckee, a boy, Tyler Joseph.

Dec. 22, 2006

Ryan and Natalia Williams of Truckee, a girl, Cassique Talia.

David and Piret Griffith of Truckee, a boy, Sebastian Ladd.

Dec. 23, 2006

Jacob Lauter and Meagan Turner of Truckee, a boy, Luke Turner.

Dec. 25, 2006

James and Kina Nemeth of Truckee, a girl, Kaile Noel.

Dec. 26, 2006

Richard Coppola and Jacqueline Hurt of Truckee, a boy, Asher Lee.

Matthew Metlenko and Kathy Perea of Truckee, a boy, Payden Hale.

Joshua Farley and Gina Gonzalez of Truckee, a girl, Hannah Kaye.

Dec. 27, 2006

Vincent Federico Jr. and Nicole Covell of Carnelian Bay, a boy, Vincent III.

Dec. 28, 2006

Jesse Hunter and Angelia Perkins of Truckee, a boy, Alexander Kenney.

Jose and Tawnya Rios of Portola, a boy, Jerromy Joziah.

Dec. 30, 2006

Bernard and Dana Ash of Reno, NV, a girl, Phebee Snow.

Dec. 31, 2006

Ronald and Sarah Adams of Truckee, a boy, Ezra Blaze.

Timothy and Jennifer Sawyer of Truckee, a girl, Meganne Kathryn.