Bladder bandits and new revenue streams |

Bladder bandits and new revenue streams

Last week we learned that it’s prohibited by the Town of Truckee to “appear, be, or become nude on any pier or beach at Donner Lake …” Not sure how one comes to “appear” to be nude, but now I know why I’ve always thought flesh-colored Speedos were a bad idea.

Anyway, upon reading that useful information in the town’s set of ordinances, I figured there had to be more interesting factoids sprinkled amongst the dry legalese spelling out what one can ” but mostly can’t ” do in Truckee.

So next time you’re out on the town imbibing, make sure to tote along your 100-foot tape measure. Why? Well, we’ve all been in that situation at least once where the beer moves right through your system but the line to the bathroom is backed up. What to do?

Go outside and find a convenient alley, building, or tree, right? Not in Truckee.

An example of this outlaw behavior was recently covered in our Police Reports: “Shortly after midnight on April 30 an officer interrupted a woman urinating in the alley behind Commercial Row. The woman was cited for urinating in public and released.

“Later that night, at 12:55 a.m., a man was also observed urinating in public in the alley behind Commercial Row. The man was also cited and released.”

Now, had those bladder bandits carried their measuring tapes with them, they could have pulled 100 feet and one inch on their tape measures ” in the right direction, of course ” and remained in their legal rights, because doing your, um, business, “within one hundred feet of any building or structure, or upon or within fifty feet of any public or private roadway, or upon or within fifty feet of any public commercial parking facility, except in an appropriate sanitary facility” is a misdemeanor.

Just think of all the citations that could be written if we actually had a “public commercial parking facility” located near the downtown beer halls. We’d not only solve the parking problem, but increase the revenue “stream.” (Ouch! OK, you can cite me for that one.)

Jamie Bate is the editor of the Sierra Sun. Reach him at

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